6 Reasons to Learn Meditation Online

  1. Meditation is good for your brain. Studies show meditation increases memory, productivity, and concentration.
  2. Meditation is hard. Learning how to do it makes it much easier.
  3. To connect with an open, caring community; you'll create friendships with amazing people.
  4. Heart Rhythm Meditation is good for your physical and emotional health.
  5. You'll improve your health by learning how to breathe optimally, and learning meditation will teach you good posture.
  6. Meditating on your heart will make you more self-confident; you will understand your emotions and this will actually make you feel more in control.

An IAM Heart webcourse is an in-depth, experiential training online, with daily interaction with a certified IAM Heart webcourse instructor and a small group of fellow meditators.

These are the webcourses we have available at this time:

Courses Available to Everyone
101 Heart Rhythm Meditation
102 The Four Elemental Energies
103 The Four Dimensions of the Heart
Heartful Sleep Heartful Sleep
IAM University of the Heart Courses Only
104 Healing Your Heart
105 The Seven Energy Centers
106 Accomplishment With Heart
107 The Metaphysics of the Heart
108 Integration of the Heart

Each course progresses through a series of 8 or more rooms, with a different message scroll and instructions in each room. All the participants and the teacher share the same messages, as if they were all in a room, speaking together. This creates a community of meditators that share their experiences and learn from each other and from the teacher's responses to each of them.

This is the most complete and comprehensive training in Heart Rhythm Meditation, and it's available online for students worldwide!

Our webcourses bring a mulit-media learning environment right into your home, including these elements:

  • Reading - You'll start at the beginning, adding a little bit each week, with new instructions. readings and assignements.

  • Writing - Your write messages about the assignments and your meditations, especially how they affect your life.

  • Practice - The assignment is to do the meditation of the week, every day.

  • Instruction - The teachers in online every day to comment on the messages posted by you and other students.

  • Audio - The meditations are also available as sound files so you can let yourself be led through them.

  • Video - Once a week there is a one-hour video conference with the teacher and the whole class. The teacher leads a meditation, explains the assignment and answers questions. This hour is the only time you have to be on a schedule. Otherwise, the webcourse is done on your own time.

Why should you take a webcourse?

You could just buy one of IAM's books. That's helpful, but it's not enough. Opening the heart is the first great accomplishment of adult life, but it has to be learned, modeled and practiced. Your webcourse guide will help you with all three.

The guides know the difficulties of each step of the meditation. Some of the ways of the heart are confusing to the mind; your guide will interpret the signals from your body that your mind has not considered. Your guide will model the gentle, peaceful way of the heart that is also creative and unafraid. And the whole group will help you keep to your daily practice.

Your guide will also help you apply the practice to your life, counseling about the issues you face and how your heart could be helpful. The guides are insightful and kind teachers, and they're available daily.