Read what some of our students and graduates have to say about iamU, the University of the Heart:


Collon Fox
iamU opened my heart

I’ve done many self-development things, but the reason I signed up for iamU is that it’s really a complete path. It’s led me to open my heart and understand how my heart works. So I’m very happy to be on this journey. At work, people look at me in a very different, much more positive light.

Collon Fox, Class of 2013
Marina Irastorza
iamU restored my faith

The heart only guarantees one thing, and that is the real you. If it’s your heart’s desire, it will manifest. When I started, I was burned out, in debt, just finished chiropractic school, I didn’t have a penny. I didn’t think I could do it. I can say that this program restores your faith, your heart, and helps you fulfill your purpose.

Marina Irastorza, Class of 2012
Lynn Stevens
iamU gave me new energy and confidence

I was teaching a new course, and I was terrified. It met so early, I didn’t even think I could get there. So I would get up early, drive to school, and meditate in the parking lot. I went into the course totally fired up. Without the University, I never would’ve been able to find the confidence and energy to do this. But now I feel l could do it again easily. The coaching and support you get keeps you on track. You feel someone has your back in a very gentle but present way.

Lynn Stevens, Class of 2013
Sharon Lindberg
I feel protected and nurtured in a way that I never have

When I came to iamU, I had a lot of heart wounds, and I was pretty much living out of them. It’s been huge. I’d been in therapy and tried a lot of things. I’ve cried a lot in my life, but I don’t feel bad about being in my feelings anymore. Now I search for a wounded place in my heart and I have trouble finding one. I’ve had some of the most intensely beautiful experiences of my life in this program. I feel protected and nurtured in a way that I never have. It brings you energy, connection, love, and courage that you never knew you had.

Sharon Lindberg, Class of 2012
Dr. Kathleen Friend
iamU gives you the ability to make an impact

It’s one thing to have personal goals, to want to grow spiritually, but if you’re serious about helping to transform the world, this an amazing way to get the strength and clarity you need to accomplish that. 

Dr. Kathleen Friend, Class of 2013
Dr. Charles Palmer
iamU speeds your progress along the spiritual path

If you are serious about making progress along the spiritual path, this is a fantastic way to do it. You are nurtured and protected all along the way. I don’t think you can really do without it. You can read, but reading doesn’t really give you experiences, it just makes you think that you know. The depth of the whole faculty is amazing. Everyone is very, very good. 

Dr. Charles Palmer, Class of 2012
Penny Charles
iamU taught me to speak—and sing!—from the heart.

I’ve loved to sing since I was a child. But when I tried to sing in front of an audience, I would freeze up. At iamU, I learned to open my heart and just let it flow.

Penny Charles, Class of 2012
Stephen Smith
I’ve never known a community like this one

I served as a pastor for over thirty years, and we always tried to create community. But this is on a whole other level. Everyone is so open, accepting, vulnerable, and loving. I’ve never know a community like this one, and it’s wonderful.

Stephen Smith, Class of 2014