The University of the Heart is a 2-year program in the art and science of meditation, and its application to every aspect of your life. You will learn advanced meditation practices that transform your self and your world.

You can apply online for the University of the Heart, through this website. Each year’s class size is limited to approximately 20 students.

New students should plan to attend the iamU Embarkation and the first available Group Retreat. All current students may choose one Group Retreat per year that is included as part of their tuition.

Welcome to the University of the Heart, where the development of your mind is completed by opening your heart and discovering all that it contains.

The University of the Heart faculty are a treasure of wisdom. Each teacher has been trained extensively in Heart Rhythm Meditation and draws upon a great deal of personal experience in meditation and inner work.

If meditation can’t make you a more understanding friend, a more loving partner, a more powerful contributor, a more successful innovator, a more peaceful refuge, and a more inspiring resource, then you don’t need it.