The Culture of the Heart

"And you know something is happening, but you don't know what it is.
Do you, Mister Jones?"
-- Bob Dylan

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death. This alone shows we have a culture that is ignorant of the heart. What is a "Culture of the Heart," and how would you create it? The heart has a different way of working than the mind, and its way is modeled by the physical heart: the heart listens to every organ and then sends the same coordinating message to every cell. The heart serves the body by freely circulating the most valuable nutrients, then it pumps out the trash. It is reliable, open, inclusive, yet central and essential.

In the culture of the heart people behave in an analogous way: they listen attentively, then speak from their heart with the same message to everyone, without secrets or pandering. They are dedicated to the service of the whole, working quietly. They follow their heart's guidance and pursue their unique purpose. "Living from your heart" becomes possible by "energizing your heart."

In our time, the way people think of themselves and their connection to others and the universe is changing as the Culture of the Heart begins to ascend over the Culture of the Mind. The spiritual challenge of our time is not just to change or expand consciousness; it is to develop an extraordinary, noble character that demonstrates in life the divinity you hold in your heart. This is a goal that requires not only a holistic philosophy, it requires enormous energy to accomplish it, the energy of the heart.

We have a philosophy of the heart that is non-binding, but inspiring to us. We encourage you to probe your heart and see if you agree with some or all of our "Credo of the Heart". If so, this is your community of the heart.

If we thought this work of shifting the culture from the mind to the heart was our own work, we might get discouraged. Every day our collective heart is assulted by acts and expressions of intolerance, collective punishment, exclusion, oppression, and disregard for the sacredness of the air, fire, water and earth. This insanity is perpetrated by logical, reasoning people, which demonstrates the shallowness of experiencing the world through the mind. Although we may make some contribution to the shift to heartfelt compassion, generosity, cooperation, optimism and peace, the shift is being caused by a global awakening in the heart of humanity. It is happening with us or without us, but you have the opportunity to participate in the most important shift since the Renaissance.


IAM offers three global interventions: practices for creating change in the world.