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Susanna Bair Seminar. "The Map of Psychological & Spiritual Transformation"
at ACEP, Reston, VA. 1 hr, 43 min.

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Asatar Bair Meditation

This 3-minute meditation serves as an introduction to the practice of Heart Rhythm Meditation. In just a few minutes you can begin to experience the benefits of strengthening your physical and emotional heart. You don't even need to leave your computer to get started. Simply follow along with this audio clip to begin energizing your heart today!

3.1 Nov. 2007 PLAY

Susanna Bair interview. "Rare Conversations" in Kansas City, MO.

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Puran Bair interview with Gary null

9.4 Sept. 2007 PLAY

Susanna Bair A meditation from her retreat

29.7 July 2008 PLAY

Puran Bair Meditation for Protection for Your Heart

25.8 July 2008 PLAY