Spiritual Strength in Everyday Life:
Your Relationship to Money, Sex & Power

Live a Life of Purpose with Prosperity, Joy, and Confidence by Balancing All 7 Chakras & Unlock Your Full Spiritual Strength

The Old Model

The New Model

Poverty, chastity, and obedience are required to live in union with God.
A life of purpose with prosperity, joy, and confidence comes from healthy lower chakras that flow with balanced life-force energy.
The upper 3 chakras are the important chakras. All 7 chakras are important and must be energized for a holistic life.
Transcend the body. Embody Divine Love.

What is it? A live seminar teaching you advanced meditation techniques to energize the lower chakras and balance them with the upper chakras. The heart links it all together.
Why is it better? 7 strong chakras are better than 3 strong chakras. Living life with only three chakras is like trying to sing a song with only three notes: Life is easier and more fun with all the musical notes!
Who should go? Purpose-oriented spiritual seekers who want to transform themselves and the world through love.

At Susanna Bair's Heart Meditation Seminar You Will Discover:

Opening Presentation: Our Situation Now

Saturday: 9:00 am - 10:30 am

♡ Our New Relationship to Money, Sex & Power: How It's Changing for the Better

♡ The Interconnections of Money, Sex & Power: How Money and Power Affect Sex

♡ Making It Personal: How Money, Sex & Power Relate to the Lower Chakras

♡ Guided Meditation: Explore Your Relationship to Money, Sex & Power


Chakra 1: The Spiritual Energy of Money

Saturday: 10:45 am - 12:15 pm 

♡ Living on Planet Earth: The Resource Requirement and Our Quest for Money

♡ How to Gain Security: Build Internal Security by Strengthening the Root Chakra

♡ Guided Meditation: How to Use Your Heart to Increase Security and Protection


Chakra 2: The Spiritual Energy of Sex

Saturday1:30 pm - 3:00 pm 

♡ The Sexual Chakra: Characteristics of Strong and Weak Sexual Chakras

♡ The Power of Orgasm: Health, Spirituality, and the Divine Act of Procreation 

♡ Egalitarian Relationships: The Impact of Equality on Sexuality 

♡ Addictions: The Energetic Cause and Treatment of Addictions

♡ Guided Meditation: Using Your Heart to Increase Pleasure and Happiness


Chakra 3: The Spiritual Energy of Power

Saturday3:15 pm - 4:30 pm 

♡ The Types of Power: Power of Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit

♡ The Wealthiest and Most Powerful People: Making It, Getting It, and Keeping It

♡ Self-Mastery: The Challenges of Excellence, Truth, Purpose and the Strength in Vulnerability 

♡ Guided Meditation: Developing the Ultimate Power in Your Heart


Bonus: Advanced Sound Meditations

Sunday: 8:30 am - 10:00 am

♡ Finding the New Human Being in Your Heart

♡ Guided Meditation on Prosperity, Joy, and Confidence

♡ Using Advanced Sound Meditations

What People Are Saying About Susanna's Seminar

"Susanna tacked the supposedly non-spiritual topics of money, sex and power. She made it very clear that these topics relate to the condition of our first three energy centers or chakras and that changing our relationship to money, sex and power is an inside job. She provided practices to help all three centers. Bravo, Susanna!"
   - Kathleen Friend, MD

"Susanna's magnetism and her ability to capture her audience is a true gift. At times I felt like she was answering and guiding me personally... I even noticed the next morning when I looked in the mirror my face was more relaxed, I seemed to have more light. The gratitude that I have... is beyond words."
   - Irene F. Ortiz, LMT

"The Sunday morning meditation was sacred and profound -- healing and transformative energy was deeply present, and can still be felt many days after the event."
   - Dana Duclo, Ed. S.

Sunday 1-on-1: Personal Meditation & Guidance (Darshan)

On Sunday after the Advanced Session, Susanna will offer a special personal meditation to a limited number of event attendees. This is a profound and sacred experience if you need direct guidance.

During your personal meditation, Susanna will attune her focus to you individually. You will be given personalized, heart-centered guidance about how to create balance and success in your area of personal interest.

If there's a pressing question in your life, in any area, this is the time to ask it.

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You will be delighted by your experience at Susanna's seminar or we will immediately refund your money!

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