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Oct. 7, 7-9 pm


Free public lecture outlining the Map


Luther Seminary
Stubb Hall Lounge
2329 Hendon Ave
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I had a feeling of complete transformation. My magnetic field expanded to a new level and I felt like I was in a completely different body of radiant love and light. -JLT
Follow Your Heart Seminar

Oct. 8, 9-12     Mind Mastery
              2-5     Heart Awakening

Oct. 9, 9-1       Spirit Illumination

Course FYH registration is closed.

Learn the art of spiritual transformation from the creators of Heart Rhythm Meditation, in a unique weekend seminar, based on the new book, Follow Your Heart, by Puran and Susanna Bair

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Luther Seminary
Stubb Hall Lounge
2329 Hendon Ave
(Get Directions)

These Heart Rhythm Meditation practices are life changing. The inner growth and opening of the heart keeps expanding my awareness of life around me, the love and caring of others, and the sense of genuine happiness when connected to the hearts of others. -PU
Follow Your Heart: The Personal Map Training

Oct. 9, 2-6

Oct. 10, 9-5


For those who want more detail about where they are on the path, and those who would like to use the Map system to work with others, we offer The Personal Map Training Sunday 2-6 and Monday 9-5. Puran and Susanna will use the ancient Sufi practice of darshan to tell you where you are on the Map. This is a great training for counselors, therapists, managers, or anyone working with people and helping them to grow.

"What a follow-up to the Follow Your Heart workshop! This was a unique opportunity for face-to-face sharing on a spiritually intimate level with two of the most advanced spiritual guides you're ever likely to meet. The personal reading was so helpful in identifying where I'm at in my spiritual progress and what to do to advance from here -- advice tailored just for me.

Profound, uplifting and reassuring, no matter what level you're at."

-- Tim Sippola, PhD



The information conveyed in this seminar is essential to anyone pursuing a spiritual path. It acts as a beacon of hope through the many storms of growth. -RRH

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