Intuition and Divine Guidance Retreat 2018/19

 New Year's Meditation Retreat in Sedona


Dec. 28th, 2018  - Jan. 2nd, 2019
The Sedona Mago Retreat Center
Sedona, Arizona

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What Is Guidance?

To Our Dear Friend of the Heart:

There is within every person a sense of guidance that they may notice, or learn to notice, in premonitions and dreams.

The inner voice is intuition, which appears without any external sign. It is a pure knowing, unsupported by reason.

Once an intuition is received, one's reason will try to catch up, providing a rationale to make sense of the intuition, but the intuition is first; the rationale is generated by the mind to make itself comfortable and to explain oneself to others.

Intuition is very common; when a question strikes your heart, it rings like a bell, giving the answer automatically.

However, in most people the heart is so covered that the answer ringing in the heart is inaudible. This natural facility, which answers every question put to it, can be developed by heart meditation.

 At this heart meditation retreat over the New Year's holiday in Sedona, you will discover:

• Distinct and unique methods of receiving guidance through meditation

•  The surprising power of intention, and a little-known but more powerful tool for accomplishment

•  How to activate and use mind-mastery to achieve success in your job, relationship, and goals for 2019

•  How to achieve an even greater level of success by connecting your heart's idealism to the power of your mind

•  Simple tools of inner power that you can harness to retain focus through distractions

•  How to call upon your intuition and divine guidance reliably

•  How to make decisions that you can stand behind with confidence

•  When to use the power of saying "Yes," or the power of saying "No"

•  How to interpret the signals of unexpected difficulties at the beginning of a chosen path

•  How to gain self-confidence from challenging situations and overcome obstacles in the coming year

When the door to your inner consciousness is opened, inspiration will begin to flow both ways. You will then be able to see in your conscious mind images of the creative and intuitive faculty of the unconscious – and they are exciting! 

"One who depends upon the Spirit of Guidance to guide his life is guided aright.

We always have a counsel within, but the one who ignores the existence of such a thing as the Spirit of Guidance is left alone for some time by the Spirit of Guidance to look out for himself. It is like the mother and the dependent child, who tries to hold the hand of the mother at every step it takes; so the mother's whole attention is drawn to every step of her child.

But when the child tries to move about by his own will, and tries to keep away, then the attention of the mother, to some extent, becomes released. This does not mean that the mother gives up entirely the care of the child; it only means that the mother allows the child to have its own way to some extent, and feels sorry when the child falls and hurts itself.

In point of fact, all souls are children of God, but such souls as are conscious of their relation to God, as between a child and his parents, certainly deserve to be called the children of God. They are especially cared for; they are always guided, because they ask for guidance."

- Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sage and Mystic

Listening to Intuition & Divine Guidance

"My intuition, has thou ever deceived me? No, never. It is my reason which so often deludes me, for it comes from without. Thou art rooted within my heart."

Intuition is a common experience whereby the conscious mind receives a message from the unconscious. Guidance is delivered by intuition, but not all intuition is divine guidance.

As you advance along the spiritual path, your meditations eventually often become dialogues with that spirit that creates you anew on every inhalation, and through love, sustains and guides you to further realization.

As these dialogues develop, they become increasingly clear, less metaphorical or symbolic and more literal. If this guidance is ignored, or overridden, then the Spirit of Guidance will have to take some other form to deliver its message, eventually reverting to illness or tragedy to get your attention. We are always given the message most gently at first.

Personal Stories of Guidance from Students

"The specific signal I get is that the internal sound I hear, what some call the “music of the spheres,” gets very loud, very insistent, a real pest at times, to the point where I just want it to tone down . . . but then I realize that something’s coming through. Sometimes it just comes out, verbally, and I wonder where in the world that came from, but then I ‘hear’ this intense ringing sound, very loudly, and I understand that I am catching the wave from nonexistence into existence and I should halt my mental constructs and pay attention."

"For me the ‘click’ is when I get some inspiration and am absolutely enthralled with it, obsessed by it, wild horses wouldn't keep me from it. I know it’s right; it lives in my awareness night and day. Of course, it’s generally the guidance I need to take the next step, and that guidance is replaced with another divine obsession, and so on. But that’s how we progress, how guidance manifests in/through us. Now I more or less know it when I feel it! (And conversely, I know when something's over, too.)"

"I may not be really in tune with my voice of guidance. Sometimes I get the feeling I may actually be ignoring it because I want to do my own thing. This could explain why I sometimes look back and realize missed opportunities and why I sometimes ask myself, “How did I get into this mess?” It may relate to some reluctance to really go deep and find my purpose in life."

Retreat Guides: Puran & Susanna Bair

Susanna and Puran Bair are the creators of Heart Rhythm Meditation and the authors of three books, including the spiritual classic, “Living From The Heart” (Random House, 1998).

Susanna and Puran founded iamHeart, the Institute for Applied Meditation on the Heart, and later established The University of the Heart. They have worked with leading researchers to measure the effects of meditation on heart rhythm, brain waves, light emission, and electromagnetism, demonstrating mastery of both transcendent and heart-centered meditation techniques.

Susanna and Puran have been honored to receive the Alyce and Elmer Green Award for Innovation from the International Society for Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), whose past recipients include Dr. Delores Krieger, Dr. Norman Shealy, and Joseph Chilton Pierce.


What Happens on an iamHeart Retreat?


A regular practice of Heart Rhythm Meditation brings the incredible experience of being in the heart, which opens more and more to include all things and all beings. It is this experience that makes the philosophy of the heart come alive.

Led by Puran and Susanna Bair in collaboration with other iamHeart teachers, the group meditation retreat provides a setting where you have all the support you need to really deepen your experience of Heart Rhythm Meditation. For those who are new to meditation, the group retreat is a way to gain experience that will be key for progress along the spiritual path. The group retreat will lead to a real and lasting opening of your heart.

The group retreat experience includes guided meditations, partner and group exercises, lecture and discussion, walking meditation and movement, and special activities which include music, whirling, and walking on fire. Time is set aside to create friendships, discuss the teachings, and share experiences.

The group retreat vaults you ahead by creating new breakthroughs in your life, opening new levels of spiritual realization, and deepening the experience of your existing meditation practice.







Retreat Center and Logistical Details

The retreat will be held at the Sedona Mago Retreat Center, in one of the most beautiful retreat venues we have found. Here are some photos of the grounds and surrounding area:


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Five days in-residence, starting with dinner December 28th at 6:00 pm, ending with lunch at 12 noon on January 2nd (lunch included).  Evening program begins at 7:00pm on Friday, December 28th.
Fly into Phoenix, AZ.

Generous rooms, nutritious meals, inspiring landscapes.

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$825 Shared Room - $800 Tuition - $1625

$1075 Single Room - $800 Tuition - $1875


Retreat Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your enrollment in a retreat up to two weeks prior to the start date of a retreat, you will receive a refund of your full payment, including tuition and lodging costs, minus a $100 administrative fee. If you cancel your enrollment 8-14 days prior to the start date of a retreat, you will be charged 50% of the retreat lodging costs, and receive a full refund of retreat tuition costs. If we are able to assign your room to someone else, you will only be charged a $100 administrative fee. If you cancel your enrollment 7 days or less prior to the start date of a retreat, you will not receive any refund on your lodging costs, and receive a 50% refund of retreat tuition costs. If iamHeart cancels a retreat for any reason, you will receive a full refund. We understand that issues arise, and we appreciate your thoughtful advance notice of any retreat cancellation.