The UK Meditation Retreat:
October 19th ‑ 24th, 2018

Heart-Centered Spiritual Methods for Practical Results

Live a Heart-Centered Life of Prosperity and Purpose by Balancing All 7 Chakra Energy Centers

What is it? A 5-day retreat teaching you advanced meditation methods to energize your lower chakras and balance them with the upper chakras. The heart links it all together.
Why is it better? 7 strong chakras are better than 3 strong chakras. Living life with only three chakras is like trying to sing a song with only three notes: Life is easier and more fun with all the musical notes!
Who should go? Purpose-oriented spiritual seekers who want to transform themselves and the world through love.

At Susanna and Puran's UK Retreat You Will Discover:

Opening Session: Our Situation Now

♡ Our New Relationship to the Lower Chakras: How It's Changing for the Better

♡ The Interconnections of the Lower Chakras: How Money and Power Affect Sex

♡ Guided Meditation: Safely Explore Your Relationship to the Lower Chakras


Chakra Energy Center 1: The Spiritual Energy of Money

♡ Living on Planet Earth: The Resource Requirement and Our Quest for Money

♡ How to Gain Security: Build Internal Security by Strengthening the Root Chakra

♡ Guided Meditations to Increase Your Security and Stability


Chakra Energy Center 2: The Spiritual Energy of Sex

♡ The Sexual Chakra: Characteristics of Strong and Weak Sexual Chakras

♡ The Power of Orgasm: Health, Spirituality, and the Divine Act of Procreation 

♡ Egalitarian Relationships: The Impact of Equality on Sexuality 

♡ Addictions: The Energetic Cause and Treatment of Addictions

♡ Guided Meditations to Increase Your Joy and Happiness


Chakra Energy Center 3: The Spiritual Energy of Power

♡ The Types of Power: Power of Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit

♡ The World's Most Powerful People: Who Are They and What Can We Learn?

♡ Self-Mastery: The Challenges of Excellence, Truth, Purpose and the Strength in Vulnerability 

♡ Guided Meditations to Develop Your Deeper Power and Express Your Personal Truth


Chakra Energy Center 4: Using Your Heart to Guide Your Purpose

♡ Inner Purpose vs. Outer Purpose and Their Relationship

♡ The Spiritual Origin of Your Unifying Purpose

♡ Tests You Can Perform to Verify Your Unifying Purpose

♡ How to Apply the Chakra Energy Centers to Accomplish Your Purpose


Advanced Sound Invocations to Energize Your Chakras

♡ Finding the New Human Being in Your Heart

♡ Practices to Balance the Upper and Lower Chakras

♡ Using Advanced Sound Invocations for Transformation

Meet Susanna and Puran Bair

Susanna and Puran Bair are the creators of Heart Rhythm Meditation and the authors of three books, including the spiritual classic, “Living From The Heart” (Random House, 1998).

In 1988, Susanna and Puran founded iamHeart, the Institute for Applied Meditation on the Heart, and later established The University of the Heart. They have worked with leading researchers to measure the effects of meditation on heart rhythm, brain waves, light emission, and electromagnetism, demonstrating mastery of both transcendent and heart-centered meditation techniques.

Susanna and Puran have been honored to receive the Alyce and Elmer Green Award for Innovation from the International Society for Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), whose past recipients include Dr. Delores Krieger, Dr. Norman Shealy, and Joseph Chilton Pierce.

Praise for iamHeart Group Retreats

"I came to the retreat feeling very confused. I had a burning in my throat, heart palpitations, and an overwhelming sense of anxiety about the state of my life. I can not express how wonderful each and every person was. So warm, so loving, so welcoming. I felt free to speak my mind with no threat of judgment or criticism. The meditations were moving, deep, and effective. I am leaving the retreat with a new family. I feel more grounded, have a greater clarity of my direction, and a better sense of who I am, what I want, and the greatness that I can give. And a bonus...My heart palpitations are gone!"
- Amy Bassett-Wells, Teacher

"Deeply transforming, full of fun and ecstasy."
- Steven Winn, Entrepreneur

"This retreat was BIG! I loved the presence of Susanna and Puran. Sun-gazing - something I had rejected in the past - was a brilliant surprise. The experience I had of being one with the Universe and the One was ecstatic and a blessing I will harvest all of my life. Thank you. The heart is the path to our personal and collective salvation."
- Pam Hale Trachta, Spiritual Mentor and Author

"This morning's sunrise meditation I was rebirthed. I thought there was a second sun above me and I realized it was me."
- Steve Paulk, Teacher and Healer

"I had been searching and longing for spiritual development for a long time and when I found IAM Heart I knew it was the answer to my search. The retreats have been life enhancing and transformative for me by helping open my heart which had been closed for much of my life."
- Dee O'Neil, Attorney

"This was life-changing."
- Margaret O'Connor, Psychotherapist

See What Happens on an iamHeart Meditation Retreat

Learn more about what happens on a group retreat by viewing this video, taken at our Santa Barbara retreat location:

Retreat Location Details

The retreat will be held at Sarum College, Salisbury Cathedral Close.

To arrange lodging, please contact local organizer Penny Charles at Penny.Charles (AT) .


HSBC Sort Code 40-17-50 Account Number 61513133

If paying from abroad IBAN GB89MIDL40175061513133 BIC MIDLG2126J

Single room £420
Double room or shared room £365

Payment Plans are available for the IAM UK retreat
3 payments of £90 and one of £95 for a shared room = £365
4 payments of £105 for single room = £420

1st payment 1st August
2nd payment 1st Sep
3rd payment 1st October
Final payment at end of the retreat 27th October 2016


TUITION FEES to be paid through the website

To arrange lodging, please contact local organizer Penny Charles at Penny.Charles (AT) .

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Group Retreat UKR: 
  Group Retreat
Salisbury UK, Oct 19th - 24th, 2018
Led by Puran and Susanna Bair
$800 tuition

Discounts -- call the office:
Half-tuition for people 35 years-old or younger.
Half-tuition for a second retreat in 11 months.

Retreat Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your enrollment in a retreat up to two weeks prior to the start date of a retreat, you will receive a refund of your full payment, including tuition and lodging costs, minus a $100 administrative fee. If you cancel your enrollment 8-14 days prior to the start date of a retreat, you will be charged 50% of the retreat lodging costs, and receive a full refund of retreat tuition costs. If we are able to assign your room to someone else, you will only be charged a $100 administrative fee. If you cancel your enrollment 7 days or less prior to the start date of a retreat, you will not receive any refund on your lodging costs, and receive a 50% refund of retreat tuition costs. If iamHeart cancels a retreat for any reason, you will receive a full refund. We understand that issues arise, and we appreciate your thoughtful advance notice of any retreat cancellation.