Art without beauty,
poetry without inspiration,
music without feeling,
religion without devotion,
mysticism without ecstasy
are like a lake without water.

-- Hazrat Inayat Khan

Sit with us and let us drink together.
The wine we drink is ecstasy, the ecstasy of the heart.
This wine is so powerful that when we drink it,
     our presence becomes like wine for everyone else.
This wine is the real sacrament.
It is a power of life itself, which comes through
     the energetic spheres everyone is attached to.
By our attachment to these spheres
     we can drink the wine
     which is the sustenance of the soul:
the love which manifests in the human heart.

-- Puran

All spiritual traditions have sacred festivities that bring seekers to a state of ecstasy, for ecstasy is a sacred space. Ecstasy is far more than joy -- ecstasy takes you beyond the boundaries of the self and into the state of union.

We all have a fundamental longing for ecstasy, which we often seek through outward means like skydiving, skiing, sex, partying, and drugs -- the draw of these and other such activities is that we can have experiences that take us beyond, far beyond our self-imposed limitations. However, pursuing ecstasy in an outward way, especially if it is disconnected from the sacred, is less likely to produce the experience of unity.

There are places within your heart that can only be healed through sacred ecstasy, which frees yourself from rules, labels, conventional categorizations, and other kinds of prisons we put ourselves into, spaces that make us small, like victim / persecutor / rescuer, strong, weak, male / female, normal / abnormal, and so on. The reality is that we are All.

Sacred ecstasy in the heart can take you to that place of heart-centered unity.

Transform Your Heart Through Ecstasy is a four-day group retreat, led by two masters of heart awakening, Puran and Susanna Bair, co-founders of the IAM Heart, and co-authors of Follow Your Heart: The Map to Illumination, Living from the Heart, and Energize Your Heart.

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