Private Retreat of the Heart

The most intensive form of the IAM training is the retreat. Here we can dedicate ourselves to the spiritual practice of opening and developing the heart through Heart Rhythm Meditation.

How is a retreat conducted? We are drawing upon an ancient spiritual tradition of retreats, following the example of those masters, saints and prophets who have pioneered the method of spiritual retreats, and utilizing the deep and long experience of the IAM retreat guides. The retreat is conducted in solitude, in a specially dedicated environment. The retreat guide spends two hours a day with you, first to plan a personalized schedule of meditations and later to review the day and plan the evening program. This is not a "canned" program of meditation; it is individually designed process according to your emotional state and spiritual stage.

Daily breath work, Heart Rhythm Meditation, sounds, prayers, songs, Heart Rhythm Movement, music, walks in nature, journeling, and talks with the guide are all tools in the process. You will be "in-process" continually; even the breaks for meals and sleeping are part of the retreat. It is an unspeakable delight to be in your heart, immersed in love, for days without end.

How should you prepare for the retreat? First, you should know why you are taking the retreat. Second, you should build up your daily practice so that you can sit in meditation for at least an hour. What do you need to bring? Bring comfortable clothes for sitting, walking and exercising. Bring a washing kit, journal, sketch pad. Don't bring a laptop, cell phone, music player, or favorite book.

Please call the IAM Office at +1-520-299-2170 to make arrangements for a private retreat. Or email us.

Retreats are available throughout the US and UK. See the list of IAM certified Retreat Guides.

With the maturity of your soul,
you desire to probe the depths of life,
to discover the power latent within yourself;
You long to know the source and goal of your life;
You yearn to understand the aim and meaning of life;
You wish to understand the inner significance of things,
And to uncover all that is covered
by form and name.
You seek for insight into cause and effect;
You want to touch the mystery of time and space,
And you wish to find the missing link
between God and yourself --
where you end, where God begins.
--- Hazrat Inayat Khan, a 20th century musician and mystic.

The Retreat of Love

Three days, to slow down one's pace from the hectic rhythm of daily life and unfold the innate love which manifests as your heart.

The Retreat of the Beloved

Seven days, to develop the experience of being loved unconditionally.

The Retreat of the Lover

Twelve days, to carry one into the further stage of becoming the instrument of Love.

The Retreat of the Moon

The maximum retreat of 28 days, so called since it is a complete gestation cycle from one new moon to the next new moon.