A Group Retreat led by Susanna and Puran Bair, founders of iamHeart and the University of the Heart, and authors of the source book on energy healing: Energize Your Heart.

Everyone has a need for healing and everyone is a potential healer. Your healing potential can be discovered and strengthened in the healing community of this group retreat, with the best practices of energy healing, verified and updated by quantum physics, and led by masters of energy therapy.


First we need to ask ourselves, "What in myself needs healing?" We generally are most aware of our physical healing needs, but our mental and emotional healing is also necessary. Hurqalya Healing operates on all four levels of energy: soul, heart, mind and body.
Constrictions at any level manifest downward to lower levels, so healing must integrate all the aspects of self. Second, we need to discover, "What is the potential in myself that can cause healing?" This power to heal is in your heart. Even though we are all wounded in some way, we each have an infinite spiritual energy that can be tapped and directed, especially when supported by a healing community of the type we will build in this group retreat.

Who should attend?

  • Those with experience in energy healing who want to increase their effectiveness.
  • Those interested in learning a heart-centered healing modality.
  • Those who need healing for themselves or their family.

"On the rhythm of the pulse our health depends."
-- Hazrat Inayat Khan

Learning Objectives:

Day 1 Learn or refresh Heart Rhythm Meditation.
Use the energy model of health and illness to identify personal health issues.
Describe the differences between the methods of different healing schools.
Day 2 Practice methods for strengthening the four subtle energies as frequencies of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF).
List the four forms of subtle energy and the need for each by different tissues.
Practice "Element-Energy-Transfer" with partners.
Day 3 Practice sensing the quantum layers of the body's PEMFs.
List the six Basic Powers developed in Heart Rhythm Meditation and the use of these powers to drive the subtle energies.
Practice sensing feedback from the layers of the heart field around a person.
Day 4 Susanna or Puran will perform Hurqalya Healing on each participant individually.
List those conditions for which the healer should add energy and those for which energy should be taken out.
Continue practice on all the topics above.
Day 5 Apply these techniques for self-healing.


Retreat Content:

Quantum physics gives us valuable clues about energy healing. According to quantum physics, an energy potential doesn't smoothly increase across an energetic field, it jumps from one quantum level to the next. This means that the magnetic energy around the human body, for example, is experienced in layers, and we know that a healer can easily feel these layers of energy.

Quantum physics also tells us that the energy quantum is greater as the frequency of the vibration increases. This means that there will be a wider spacing of the energetic layers as we get further from the physical body.

The healer's energy body interacts with the patient's energy body in discrete quantum layers. The quantum layers close to the body have the most immediate effect on one's health, while the more distant layers effect one's longer-term health. This is because the physical body is continuously being regenerated from the field of one's energy body in quantum steps.

A healer is able to sense the different quantum layers of the energetic field to feel the cause at the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The same quantum layers can be energized to direct healing at the mental, emotional or spiritual level.

The very nature of energy healing overcomes the healer-patient separation that doctors employ. We will be interacting directly with the patient, entangling their energy field with our own energy field. Our conscious, personal impact on the patient is an essential aspect of our treatment.

The treatment begins as soon as the patient asks for a healing. Your patient already has hope. Then you have to put yourself into a special, conscious, energetic state so you can feel your patient in yourself and enter into a sympathetic resonance. What is your process for doing that reliably?

Should you take energy out or put energy in? What kinds of energies exist, and which type of energy is appropriate for which part of the body? Is the energetic body manifesting as the physical body, or is the physical body radiating the energy body? Is the energetic pattern held in the mental sphere, the emotional sphere or the spiritual sphere? Some of these answers are in the quantum layers.

Our friend, the bio-physicist Dr. James Oschman, has reported as follows: "Success with bone healing led to testing of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) on other tissues, and it was found that each tissue type responds to a particular frequency." There are at least four distinct, low-frequency energies used, targeting bones, organs, nerves and muscles. The heart of the healer produces a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field due to the heart beat, and all four PEMF frequencies are produced by the heart of the healer and can be transmitted into the tissues of the patient.

The magnetic field produced by the heart is 100 times stronger than the magnetic field produced by the brain so, to be an effective healer, you need to be consciously transmitting your heart's magnetic field through your breath, in addition to your intention, glance and invocation. These are all aspects of Heart Rhythm Meditation.

The first three days of the retreat will prepare the participants to experience the different PEMF frequencies, which correspond to the four fundamental types of subtle energies. Participants will be guided to sense the quantum layers of each other, using Heart Rhythm Meditation, which will also be taught in this retreat.

"There was a man at the retreat who volunteered that he had a health issue. Before he could say what it was, Susanna and Puran asked us to find his ailment by feeling the layers of his heart field with our hands. Many of us were able to sense it strongly; it was solid proof of what they had taught us." -- Kate S. at a previous Applied Healing retreat.

The Retreat Venue

Learn more about what happens on a group retreat by viewing this video, taken at our Santa Barbara retreat location.

This retreat will be personally led by Susanna and Puran Bair, co-founders of IAM Heart and co-authors of the three classic texts on the path of the heart. You will meditate with them, dialogue with them, and eat with them; you will get to know them, and they will know you.

Plan to arrive before dinner (6 pm) on Friday, April 20, and leave after lunch on Wednesday, June 25. Exact directions to the Retreat Site will be given with registration.


Group Retreat WR: 
  The Path Through Life to Enlightment
Puli Taiwan, May 28 - June 1, 2019
Led by Puran and Susanna Bair
$700 tuition until 2019-05-01, $800 regular

Discounts -- call the office:
Half-tuition for people 35 years-old or younger.
Half-tuition for a second retreat in 11 months.