Heart Rhythm Meditators come together for a retreat to discover the Living Heart within each of us, and to create together the Living Heart that includes all of us. Everyone longs to discover the heart within that is full of compassion, understanding, forgiveness, kindness and patience. A flexible heart, that is also steadfast and persistent. A heart with vision, optimism, creativity and courage.

We may need to heal our hearts to bring them to life. We definitely need to uncover and empower our hearts to make them a force in our lives, a living heart able to support and heal others and ultimately transform our lives.

Each of our hearts can be healed and strengthened -- by building together an enormous Living Heart, enfolding us all, in which we live and move and have our being. That is the aim of our retreat.

What will you get out of a retreat? Healing, rejuvenation, insight, the ability to speak for your heart and act to accomplish your heart's wish. This retreat will feature daily periods of guided, group meditation, accessing deep, inner spiritual realms to create a collective spiritual attainment. There will be time for individual meditations as well as walks, for swimming (weather permitting) and sharing with teachers, mentors and fellow travelers on the path of the heart.