Light fills every form;

Love fills every being.

Light inspires you;

Love moves you.

Light reveals the Truth;

Love develops Beauty.

Light gives luminous consciousness;

Love gives Divine Power.

Light is the source and the goal;

Love is life's completion.

Both Light and Love pour out of the
human heart once uncovered.

Becoming the Heart of Love and Light
is a five-day group retreat, conducted in residence together and led by two masters of heart awakening, Puran and Susanna Bair, co-founders of the IAM Heart, and co-authors of Follow Your Heart: The Map to Illumination, Living from the Heart, and Energize Your Heart.

You are love and light; this essence of who you are is not merely poetic.

  • Love is transmitted through measurable electromagnetic waves that become especially strong when you are aware of your physical heart and breath.
  • Light is emitted visibly by your physical heart when your emotional heart is energized by compassion and you have an intention to send that light to another.

You can measure your heart's love and light!

Even more important is the effect of the heart's emissions of love and light on others. Love is absolutely contagious; one person can infect dozens.

I caught the happy virus last night
When I was out singing beneath the stars.
It is remarkably contagious -
So kiss me.

-- Hafiz

The light from your heart radiates in all directions. Some of it gets absorbed by the walls to create a lasting atmosphere in your home. Some is absorbed by living plants around you, and especially by the hearts of others, for their benefit. What's not absorbed travels at light speed into the cosmos, unbounded, forever. Not only do the stars shine at us; we shine at the stars!

If the people lived their lives as if it were a song, for singing out of light
provides the music for the stars to be dancing circles in the night.

(Russian Folksong)

The heart's light is only partly visible -- some invisible frequencies can penetrate through material without attenuation to influence distant events. The heart shines out heat (infrared), all visible colors, and very high frequencies all the way up to gamma rays.

The heart's love is ultra-low frequency, known to circle the globe and penetrate the earth and the oceans. The electromagnetic waves of the heart include simultaneously all four frequencies known to cause healing in bones, skin, nerves and organs. It's the ultimate healing source, for your self-healing or for healing others. Love does it, unconditionally.

The mystics bring out that love and light which is the nourishment of every heart. You have a mystical torch which illuminates life and a fire that softens people. Throw heart's light on others and share the richness of love's warmth, and even those dead to themselves can be restored to real life.

When the light of love has been lit, the heart becomes transparent, so that the intelligence of the soul can see through it. But until the flame rises from the heart, one's intelligence, which is constantly yearning for the meaning of life, is groping in the dark. Love is the oil in the lamp of the heart that burns to produce its light of wisdom.

In this retreat, realizing that we are beings of Light, we will do spiritual practices of Love, meditating with a partner, in small groups, all together and alone. This will give us the invaluable experience of shifting our relationships out of the habits of bitterness and neglect, into love and light.

-- Susanna and Puran Bair

Course UKR registration is closed.

Plus accommodations. Held in Wiltshire, England. Details to follow.