The 12 Archetypes of the Heart and Soul

"The 12 Archetypes of the Heart: A Meditation Retreat"
Led by Susanna and Puran Bair
April 19 - 24, 2019
Chester, Connecticut

Dear Friend of the Heart,

Are you more of a Knight or a King?

Do you have the divine qualities, and the challenges, of a Scientist or an Oracle?

In relationships, are you the Lover or the Beloved?

Haven't you wondered for yourself where your greatest potential lies, and what path you would take to become the person you are destined to become?

Each of the twelve archetypes of the heart have their own path in life, with corresponding rewards and difficulties. Everyone needs a model of what they can be, and often a family doesn't provide an appropriate model to follow to one's maturity as a complete person.

Success will come when one discovers one's own way, based on genuine innate qualities instead of the opinion of others. iamHeart offers a unique experience in seeing with the heart, by which one may recognize the extraordinary qualities of one's self and others.

In this five-day group retreat, participants will be trained in Heart Rhythm Meditation and its use in recognizing the type of heart one has. Then each person will develop six charts of their archetype, based on their:

  1. natural way of walking,
  2. approach to tasks,
  3. response to twelve sounds,
  4. type of experience in meditation,
  5. a simple drawing, and
  6. the sound of your voice.

No prior experience with meditation is required.

The system of types used in the seminar is an ancient one, based on four kinds of subtle energies that people can experience, and the inward, outward, and neutral forms of each. A specific method for developing each of the archetypes through a series of steps will also be presented.

This is not a theoretical model, it is experiential.

We will help you recognize yourself among the twelve ideals and recognize the same archetypes in others. We will surprise you by drawing upon more of yourself than you know about.

"Learning the Archetypes literally changed my life. By understanding more of why I do, feel, think, and act the way I do, I have a truer picture of who I am. This knowledge has helped set me free of many "guilt trips" imposed onto me by my own and other's expectations of what I "should" be. Also, by identifying the archetypes of others I have a better understanding of why (or how) I react to others."
- Porter, Engineer

We invite you to join iamHeart co-founders Susanna and Puran Bair, for a retreat in Santa Barbara, California on March 3rd - 8th, 2017, on the topic of "The 12 Archetypes of the Heart."

You can understand yourself and others better by seeing the archetypes of which you are an example. Between the obvious facts that everyone is basically the same and that everyone is uniquely different, lies the wisdom that there are types of people.

iamHeart uses a matrix of twelve types that has a direct connection to the experience and development of a person. These archetypes are all idealistic, representing the divine qualities of the essence of the human being. Each type has its characteristic problems and challenges and can be developed in degrees.

The identification of a person's archetypes is done using Heart Rhythm Meditation to sensitize the heart to the inner qualities of another.

Retreat Benefits:

Knowing your own archetype will help you:

  • Understand why you have certain recurring problems
  • Choose your career and position
  • Find a work style that is successful
  • Work with your natural skills
  • Be aware of your blind spots

“Working with the archetypes was an amazing process of inner awareness, a transitional experience. I loved the retreat.”
- Sharon, Bodywork Therapist

Learning how to identify the archetypes of others will help you:

  • Know what to expect from your friends and co-workers
  • Find compatibility in a love relationship
  • Help others develop and mature
  • Adjust your presentation style to suit your audience
  • Understand the stages of growth in a business

What is an "Archetype"?

An archetype is an ideal essence from which a person is formed. Each person is one example of an archetype. Each archetype has many examples among humanity.

What are the Twelve Archetypes?

You can learn to recognize twelve distinct aspects of the ideal human being in yourself and others through direct observation, with little discussion or rational processing. The archetypes can be seen in one's body, movements, attitude, attractions, repulsions, voice, artistic expression, behavior, habits, and so on.

Tentative Retreat Schedule:

Retreat Activities:

Through the course of this retreat, you will practice looking at yourself and others through the eyes of your heart, with sympathy and respect, amazed and in awe of what beauty and strength you find.

The advantage of the model of the archetypes we use is that it can be experienced by the heart directly. It does not depend on your answers to a questionnaire, which can be easily faked.

It does not depend on your own self-concepts or analysis either. You may be surprised at the archetype you reveal through your unconscious behaviors, or it may be amazingly familiar.

In the end, you will understand and honor your archetype as the ideal of your individuality. You will develop six charts of your archetype, through observation of your:

  1. natural walk
  2. accomplishment of a task
  3. response to sounds
  4. making a simple drawing
  5. verbal statement
  6. response to the "mirror of the heart"

From these charts you will understand your developed and developing archetype. You will also participate in the identification of the archetypes of the other participants, so that you gain the ability to recognize these twelve "faces of God" in others.

“This retreat about the archetypes gave me answers why and how my personality takes and will take paths to development to become one with the One.”
- Anne, Academic Administrator

Here are a few statements that summarize the themes of this retreat:

  • "There are no preferable archetypes; each has its characteristic advantages and difficulties."
  • "The problems you have in your life are typical of your archetype."
  • "One or two archetypes determine most of your approaches to and choices in life."
  • "You can be successful in twelve ways. You can be spiritual in twelve ways. There are twelve ways to do anything there is to do. But for any one of us, there are only one or two ways."
  • "One archetype is already familiar to you, but another represents all that is attractive."
  • "The developed archetype accounts for your skills and abilities."
  • "The developing archetype accounts for your interests and frustrations."
  • "You do not need all the archetypes; you only need to develop that archetype which is being asked of you now."

The Retreat Venue

This retreat will be personally led by Susanna and Puran Bair, co-founders of iamHeart and co-authors of the three classic texts on the path of the heart. You will meditate with them, dialogue with them, and eat with them; you will get to know them, and they will know you.

The retreat center is called The Guest House, in Chester, CT. Three meals a day are shared in the retreat dining room.

Plan to arrive before the (optional) dinner at 6pm on Friday, April 19th, and leave after the (optional) lunch on Wednesday, April 24th. Directions to the retreat site.

Learn more about what happens on a group meditation retreat by viewing this video, taken at another retreat location in Santa Barbara:

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  Archetypes Of Purpose
Chester CT, April 19-24, 2019
Led by Madeleine Susanna Bair
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iamHeart Retreat Experiences:

"IAM retreats are a unique opportunity to explore your heart and the heart of humanity in a safe, sacred, beautiful space. The people who attend the retreats are extraordinarily loving and centered, and the teachers are truly gifted. IAM retreats have changed my life."
- Hannah, Teacher

"This was a truly life changing experience. I learned so much about myself and felt I found my true home in terms of teachers to guide me to fulfill my heart's purpose."
- Jennifer, Pharmacist

"So much in this world pulls us into our heads, into fear, out of our hearts. The retreats have allowed me to return to my true self."
- Anita, Business Owner

"An amazing experience of love and healing. Truly transforming."
- Diane, Registered Nurse