IAM in the News

Content Size in MBPublication DateLink
Yellow Springs News: Healing hearts to heal the world 0.6 April. 2016 HTML
Tucson Lifestyle: An interview with Susanna and Puran Bair 1.0 Dec. 2013 PDF
Expert Advice, Topic: Meditation: Tips from Elijah Imlay 0.9 Oct. 2012 PNG
Natural Awakenings, Tucson
Heart's Beating as One, by Marcia Detwiler Scupin
0.8 Feb., 2011 JPG
Advances in Mind-Body Medicine
Heart-centered Meditation: An Interview With Puran and Susanna Bair
0.2 Fall 2009 PDF
Emergency Medicine, by Dr. Tom Firor 0.2 Sept. 18, 2008 GIF
The Tennessean: Meditation goes mainstream 0.012 Sept. 14, 2008 HTML
Jefferson Healthcare: Employee shares her story in national magazine 0.2 July, 2008 JPG
Women's World: Health Booster 0.4 July, 2008 JPG
The Missoulan: Meditation treats the whole person 2.7 Apr. 5, 2008 HTML
Fine Print: independent book reviews
Review of Energize Your Heart
0.2 Spring 2008 PDF
Energy Times Magazine: Emotional rewards seen from breathing to your heartbeat 1.02 Feb. 2008 PDF
Body and Soul Magazine: Energize your heart 0.4 Feb. 2008 PDF
City College of San Francisco: "Letting the Heart Take Lead," an interview with Professor Asatar Bair 0.6 2008 HTML
The Independent Record, Helena, MT: Seminar explores optimism in a pessimistic world .6 Sept. 2007 PDF
The Phoenix: Oh, my beating heart
Heart Rhythm Meditation focuses on heartbeat to help soothe soul
0.6 Mar. 2007 PDF
Arizona Choices
"Heart Rhythm Meditation" described by Puran Bair
0.2 Dec. 2006 PDF
Arizona Daily Star - ACCENT
"Mindful Meditation" with Susanna Bair
1.5 Oct. 2006 PDF
Body and Soul Magazine: Heart Meditation 1.8 March 2005 PDF
Self Magazine
"We Tried It"
0.28 Oct. 2004 JPG
Hoosier Times
"Control your heart, control your world?"
0.6 Feb. 2005 PDF
Arizona Daily Star
"Spiritual practice is from the heart"
0.2 Sept. 2004 JPG

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