In Tune with the Infinite

As energetic beings, we are, each one of us, both infinite and finite. The Infinite has focused itself into the finite to become an individual.  Each individual retains some consciousness of the Infinite which is its source.

What would be the benefit of increasing that consciousness of the Infinite that is innate to every individual?  There are five benefits:

  1. Exposure to the greater purifies the lesser. Remembering the Infinite, unconditional Love of the Universal Heart purifies the individual heart, resolving the unrequited love of others.

    The Root Center connects the energy field of the organism to the earth and all the manifested, physical world. When the Infinite Source Field, coming in through the Crown Center, is connected to the Root Center, the highest and lowest centers exchange energy and the restrictions in the electromagnetic field of the body are cleared.

  2. An experience of the Infinite reveals your hidden potentials. It is the Perfect light of the Source that can illuminate the darkened areas of your inner self, as a fire opal reveals its inner colors in the sun.

    Here the Infinite Source Field is received by the Throat Center, the center that is tuned to the invisible world of pure vibration. The Throat Center is paired energetically with the Sexual Center, which holds the finite, personal energy needed for creation and activation of possibilities.

  3. It is only in the context of the Infinite that your finite self can be known. As Hazrat Inayat Khan said, “It is through God-Realization that we come to self-realization.” That is, the experience of the Infinite within, reveals the true glory of your individual, finite self.

    Without the experience of the Infinite, a whirlpool would appear to be a local formation, separate from other whirlpools. But when you are conscious of the whole, each whirlpool is understood to be the entire ocean drawn into a focus.

    Similarly, your finite, physical heart seems to be uniquely your own, but in the consciousness of the Infinite, your heart and every heart is seen to be a reflection of the one, Universal Heart. We understand the Solar Plexus Center to be the mirror that reflects the pure light of the Infinite, Universal Heart.

  4. Furthermore, the Universal Heart has an energy and consciousness that is broadcast through the Infinite magnetic field to all life, to inform and guide the continuous evolution of life.   It is the wisdom of the Infinite, Universal Heart that you receive as guidance. It is received by your Heart Center and then emerges from within as an emotion of longing.

    Mystics have the highest respect for this internal emotion and regard it as a directive from the Infinite One. By listening carefully for this signal and earnestly following it, you can make difficult and consequential decisions easily and have the courage to implement the decisions you make that way.

  5. As you proceed toward the fulfillment of the purpose of your life, your purpose expands further, requiring new qualities and abilities.  The Infinite can provide an update to the very essence of your being by downloading through your Crown Center a new template of your self.

    This is not the discovery of your hidden potentials, as in process #2, above. This is an upgrade of your soul, allowing you a much greater scope and capacity for the purpose which lies ahead of you.  Your soul is that which defines the uniqueness of your individuality and even that uniqueness can be dynamically expanded as you demonstrate a need for greater insight and power.