Can Psychic Experiences Be Explained with Physics?

Psychic experiences are those that can’t be accounted for in the usual consciousness of individual, separated, distinct beings.

By our regular senses, people appear to be completely distinct from one another, like billiard balls rolling around on a pool table. That’s just the way it looks, but we have other senses that reveal everything is actually interconnected in a web of continuous being.

When the reality of this web breaks through our senses, it belies our usual understanding. This is more than confusing — it can be disorienting and scary. How can both be true: the conventional view and the psychic view?

There is a similar dilemma in physics, where a photon is both a particle and a wave. When it’s behaving like a particle, a photon is like a little billiard ball. But when it’s behaving like a wave, it interacts with other waves to form “interference patterns.”

These interference patterns prove that even where there seems to be no light, there is the effect of light. Photons are interacting to show us there is something where there appears to be nothing.

If you have psychic ability, you’re seeing or feeling the wave aspect of reality, which is as real as the particle aspect and even more real since waves can explain the unusual things that happen.

If you have a fear of your psychic ability, you need to (1) learn how to control it, turning it on and off at will, and (2) learn about the nature of reality behind its appearance, to understand what you’re seeing and feeling. There are many good books on the wave-like nature of reality; this is the one I know best: Living From the Heart.