Sleepiness During Meditation

I get so much energy from meditation on my heart that I could not possibly fall asleep. Not while I’m meditating at least. I could fall asleep afterwards, or, I could engage in some lovely work, like answering meditation questions.

Sleepiness comes when energy is low. Energy comes from breath. If you want more energy, you need more breath.

Try breathing out two seconds longer than your normal time, then breathe in for the same length of time as your exhalation. When you get a little more exhalation out, your inhalation will be that much greater, and the rising power of inhalation will keep you awake.

One would think that by breathing consciously, as in meditation, we would naturally improve our oxygenation level and alertness. But oftentimes, a person without training will adopt a shallow breath that results in lower oxygenation. It will be OK for awhile, but after a few minutes, the oxygen debt catches up with you and you get sleepy.

For more advice about this, you might like my book, Living From the Heart.

Blessings on your meditations,

Puran Bair 
Chancellor, The University of the Heart


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