Shaking During Meditation: Is It Helpful?

Shakes in the body are due to blockages in the energy channels. I’ve seen this many times, and I can make it happen in myself, or I can stop it.

In an old house, sometimes the pipes bang when water flows through them. The pipes have accumulated mineral deposits, probably iron and calcium, that restricts the flow in places. When the high-pressure water hits those deposits, it will make the whole pipe shake and violently bang against the rafters.

Some people cherish their twitches - at least it shows there’s something going on. It doesn’t happen outside of meditation, so the meditation must be working, one thinks.

But it’s not something to aspire to or encourage. The objective is to clean the pipes and increase the flow. You need more bandwidth, and you’re at your limit now.

Diet can help. Eliminate those things that restrict the energy channels of the arteries and nerves, like pork, red meat, tobacco, and alcohol. If you’ve done that, then improve your breathing practice:

  1. Don’t make any sound when you breathe - sound comes from restriction.
  2. Don’t hold your exhalation - that puts stress on the nervous system.
  3. Make your inhalation and exhalation the same length, to improve balance. A balanced energy system has greater capacity.
  4. You would get a big boost in bandwidth if you put your attention on your heart. The heart generates 99% of the body’s magnetic field. Energize your heart with your breath and your whole energy system is upgraded.

You might be interested in the book, Energize Your Heart in Four Dimensions, which describes the magnetic field of the heart and its correspondence to behavior and spiritual development.

Blessings on your meditations,

Puran Bair 
Chancellor, The University of the Heart


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