What Is the Best Time to Meditate?

In the tradition we represent, which is not fixed on any one religion but has a long and rich lineage, the best time to meditate is 3:00 to 4:00 AM, SOLAR TIME. We don’t go by the wall clock, which is influenced by artificial time zones, we go by the sun.

Solar noon is when the sun is at its zenith at your location. This is midway between sunrise and sunset. (There are good online calculators for this for any large city.) Solar time and clock time can be different by as much as an hour. As you travel East-West, the clock time of solar noon changes.

Solar midnight is 12 hours from solar noon. The sacred hour is 3 hours after solar midnight.

There is a convention among the great masters of all traditions, embodied or not, to focus their meditation on that part of the planet that is experiencing the sacred hour. It’s good to be awake to receive their blessing, and best to meditate with them.

Other good times to meditate are sunrise and sunset.

Otherwise, whenever you can fit meditation into your schedule, try to make it consistent - the same time everyday. You’ll be attracting many invisible beings to your meditation, and they’ll be disappointed if you don’t show up consistently.

Another good time to meditate is when you don’t want to. Whenever you can overcome this resistance, you’ve made progress.


Puran Bair

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