How Daily Life is Changed by Years of Meditation


The mind-blowing, transformative, sometimes scary, surprises that I used to have in meditation have become standard, reliable features of the inner landscape. That is, the ceilings of the past have become the floors of the present.

The capacity of the nervous system has to be built up to handle the energy that comes through in meditation. The exciting bells and whistles of early experiences are largely the result of overload in the channels of energy.

As one’s capacity increases, first there is a lull in excitement as the profound becomes commonplace. But then there is a new horizon that opens up for much further exploration and possibilities.

Early on, I was interested in transcendence: the timeless and infinite. Eventually I found I could stop my heartbeat and exist without time for a few hours. I became very other-worldly because I was identifying with an unmanifested reality. This was very hard on my relationships and my work. I had a family and a career, but transcendence made all that only remotely interesting.

I was the disciple of a great teacher who was also going through a series of discoveries, and as he transitioned away from transcendence to cosmic consciousness, I followed him. Where transcendence escapes the confines of the limited world to become pure spirit, cosmic consciousness embraces all levels of reality to experience the spirit in life.

This gave me a new goal in meditation: instead of becoming nothing, I wanted to experience my self in everything. There is a slogan: “I am a part of all things, and all things are a part of me.” I found that this experience is very practical. It was a great help in my relationship and also in my career, to be able to identify with another person to the point that I could feel what they feel and look through their eyes.

For the path of meditation to remain exciting, one needs to have an example of what’s a possible next step. There are seven steps defined to Enlightenment (see the Buddhist story of the boy who rides the bull), and two more big steps to Illumination. If one continues, the path turns after that to service, and nine more steps. (See the book, Follow Your Heart: The Map To Illumination )

Many mystics have spoken about the stages of progress — there are healings, discoveries, and extraordinary powers. For example, having no blame of anyone for anything, having insight into cause and effect, feeling that joy which has no reason, experiencing the self before and after life, giving and receiving unconditional love, transmitting one’s energy and consciousness to others, performing healing, granting the wishes of others, and existing in two places at once.

I believe that all my success in the world has come from the healing, discoveries and development in Heart Rhythm Meditation. And now there is a much greater work, which makes my heart leap and also tremble. For I am seeing my inner experiences reflected in the world, as I feel the world reflected in my heart. I am beginning that work for which I have been preparing all my life, and which may be possible now, with the help of further meditation.


Puran Bair

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