Accomplishing Your Intention with Meditation

After having formed an intention, which is a challenge in itself, your challenge switches to accomplishment. Choosing an intention had certain rules, and accomplishment has different rules. First, let's review the rules for forming an intention:

  1. Is your intention so clear that you have an objective end-goal? That is, will someone else be able to verify that you've satisfied your intention? If you set an intention that no one else can confirm, how will you be able to throw a party to celebrate your success?
  2. Is this intention worthy of you? Are you worthy of it? Does it offend your idealism in some way? Would it make you proud? Doing something small will make you small; doing something big will make you great.
  3. Would you really love to follow your intention? Don't intend to become an elephant-trainer if you don't love elephants. To succeed, you'll be spending a lot of time with this; you might as well choose something that you love to do.
  4. Is your intention achievable in nine months or less? If not, it wasn't conceived correctly -- it was too big, too vague, or unprepared. Scale back, and make it better defined.

These four rules correspond to the four Element energies: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. All of these energies circulate within you, but some more than others, and your type of energy determines one axis of your archetype.

We're having a group retreat in which we will help each person to identify their twelve archetypes through experiential, energetic means. If you're interested, see the "Events" tab above.

The way to effectively work to accomplish your intention also depends upon your archetype.

  • When the Air Element is strong in you, you'll envision ahead of time the whole process you'll need to follow, and plan carefully. If you set it up right, and forsee solutions for the potential problems, execution will follow easily.
  • With the Fire Element working within you, you'll be able to push through any obstacles with power and face any challenge with truth. But it will require sacrifice. Burn brightly and joyfully, but don't burn out.
  • The way of the Water Element is smooth and beautiful. Just get into the flow and ride the wave. If you can handle the emotional intensity and vulnerability, you'll find partners and helpers all along the way.
  • The Earth Element will give you the determination and endurance you'll need to stay the course. The weight will all fall on you because you're the one that can carry it. Everyone depends on you. It might not be fun, but you'll get it done.

For each of the Elements, there are three ways to run the Element energies through your heart, and this is the other axis of your archetype. Combining the three methods with the four Elements gives us twelve archetypes.

You could receive the Element energy into your heart and use it inwardly, letting it affect you deeply. Or you could express the Element energy outwardly from your heart, affecting the world around you. A third, but rare, approach is to try to do both at once. These are the three ways of running the energies. The way the Element energies run in you will create three very different paths to success. You should work in the way that is natural for you.

For example, when the Air Element energy is received, it expands one's mind tremendously and gives one great intuition, like an oracle. And when the same energy is sent outward, it creates an intense, laser-like focus in one's mind that makes a great scientist.

The twelve archetypes can be identified in your walk, your voice, your way of drawing a figure, your response to sacred sounds, your way of approaching a task, and really, everything you do. We don't rely upon a questionnaire because your answers would be limited by your self-knowledge. We want you to discover great aspects of yourself that you yet know not, and then use those discovered energies to accomplish the great intentions you've set for yourself.

Meditation allows you to explore the depth, width, breadth and height of your heart so you can access the powerful, cosmic, Elemental energies. The same energies that operate the universe are operating within you. Of the twelve ways that you can work toward your intention, you have probably specialized in one or two. It's natural to form habits around the ways that have worked in the past, but the new challenges of the present and future will likely require new ways of working. It's nature's purpose to force us to grow, by creating challenges that can't be met with our old ways of working.

Fortunately, your Heart Rhythm Meditation gives you more energetic options so you can do what you wish to do and become who you wish to become.

Blessings on your attainments,