Your Relationship to SEX

This is the second of a three part series about money, sex, and power. If you missed the introduction and/or the first section your relationship to money, we suggest that your check them out.
In this section of Susanna Bair's presentation, Susanna examines sexual energy, providing a framework to see it at play in the world. Not only is sexual energy expressed through sexual intercourse and physical intimacy, but also in those who are tenacious and explore life boundlessly.
Adaptation, proliferation, and creativity are innate qualities that flow through one who possesses great sexual energy.Teenagers, for example, are wonderfully exploratory because their vision of who they ought to become is still forming; all avenues are open to them.  With the blossoming of this energy, risk-taking and thrill-seeking are common qualities. Pleasure and love of life are the calling cards for this time of life and the sacral center.
Eventually, we discover that we cannot perpetually live like teenagers without it taking some kind of toll on us. Behaviors motivated largely by thrill and pleasure begin to interfere with worthwhile goals that emerge during this period. We also discover that underneath established patterns of pleasure-seeking there is likely emotional pain waiting to be transformed by heart and breath. When we open to the longing for a deeper connection that pleasure-seeking conceals, we breathe life back into ourselves. This clears the access way so that the abundant, playful energies held within the Sexual Center can flourish.
 In this recording, you will learn:
  • the behavior and attitudes expressed by people with NATURAL, DISTORTED, or MISSING sexual center energy.
  • where in your body to hold your breath to feel relaxed and open.
  • how to transform addictive cycles of pleasure-seeking through Heart Rhythm Meditation.
  • about the capacity of your heart to harmonize with your loved ones.
Anthropologist and human behavior researcher Dr. Helen Fisher of Rutgers University showcases a study done on the differences between the male brain and female brain during orgasm in this video.
RT's On Contact with Chris Hedges, Hedges and Anya Parampil discuss the parallels between the prostitution industry and the war industry. Susanna's presentation shows the very front of this half-hour segment on the The Reality of Prostitution with Rachel Moran.
Clay Olsen, CEO and co-founder of, presents evidence that pornography addiction parallels the addiction patterns seen with hard drugs.
Beyonce's 2017 Grammy Performance expressing the divine feminine.
*Recorded on April 17, 2017 in Yellow Springs, OH.