Your Relationship to MONEY

In this section Susanna Bair explores the development of a new energetic response to money. This is the first of a three part series about money, sex, and power. If you missed the introductory presentation, look for it here.
Consider the notion that money is a stored form of energy. When we have a reserve of money, we feel secure about our capacity to live, eat, and participate in a market.  There is however a hidden dimension to getting money, keeping money and using money with wisdom. The security, sense of trust, and protection that are often associated with money can be found in an energy center at the base of our spine, the root chakra.
Before offering a guided meditation to tune into the condition of your root chakra, Susanna takes a look at the flow and constraint of money on a global level. She includes an excerpt from the movie Thrive to examine the manipulation of global money markets. From this space, she explores how we can energetically ground and root to the planet to cultivate feelings of safety, security, and trust.  By contemplating our relationship to money, while breathing through the thoughts and feelings that arise, we move toward an inner feeling of strength. In an economic climate where the cards have been stacked against us, and we may feel discouraged or powerless, this is an invaluable practice.
In this presentation, you will learn:
  • the behavior and attitudes expressed by people with NATURAL, DISTORTED, or MISSING root center energy.
  • how to overcome restlessness or unreasonable fears about the future.
  • how wealth can be stored by means other than money or assets.
  • the element breath that restores the energy of the root chakra.
*Recorded on April 17, 2017 in Yellow Springs, OH.