Money Sex and Power: A Meditation Perspective

How does spirituality and the Heart relate to the topics of Money, Sex, and Power? Most of us separate these three topics from leading a spiritual life, but spirituality does not need to discard these energies. To lead a successful life and fulfill one's spiritually-sourced mission, one must have trust, stability, and security; one must have a creative, outgoing, and expressive life force; and one must have the capacity to push through inevitable challenges - to build bridges rather than burn them.

Susanna Bair, meditation author and co-founder of iamHeart, went on a nationwide tour in the spring of 2017 with a wake-up call confronting these packed topics head on. 
This recording is the introduction to a three-part series in which Susanna describes the critical place our society has come to regarding the interplay between these energies. She offers a perspective that empowers you with the tools of heart-based meditation. She guides meditations in each section, helping you discover that your relationship to these three forces can be modified through moving breath and energy into the lower torso, specifically into the three "lower" energy centers: the Root Center, the Sacral Center, and the Solar Plexus.  
Further, Susanna explains that through Heart Rhythm Meditation you can transform the energy these centers hold, and in doing so positively affect your relationship to these three domains. She offers a compassionate and optimistic call to those desiring to transform their outer world by going within.
In this recording you will learn:
  • the symbiotic relationships of Money, Sex, and Power experienced in cultures and in individuals.
  • the energetic connection between the upper and lower energy centers.
  • how to breathe with your heart.
*Recorded on April 17, 2017 at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio.