Archetype Sketches

The Twelve Archetypes of the Heart is a personality matrix that represents the essence of different personality templates based on the four elements and three paths of being.  People specialize in certain element energies: air, fire, water, or earth.  They walk the path of the Saint, Master, or Prophet (receptive, expressive, or both).  This is the barest explanation of a very complex system-- to listen to an overview, click below for Susanna's brief discussion of this matrix:

We tend to embody one or two archetypes, but often draw from many of the archetypes according to the situation we're in, and the arc of our lives over time.  Through meditation we can learn to strengthen our capacity for all of the archetypes.  This blog post offers a glimpse into each archetype-- we will update it each week with a new one until we've completed the set of twelve!  Stay tuned...



The Oracle Archetype acts as an antenna between the divine realms and the earth we walk on. Ideas, inspiration, and mental freedom are comfortable playgrounds for the Oracle. 

Oracles are intuitive, insightful, and are on the receptive side of the 12 Archetype Matrix, in the Air Element.
Getting tasks accomplished, making progress, or having "measurable results" in life aren't particularly important to Oracles. They are the antenna, and those jolts of energy from the ether-world are pure joy.  The heavy lifting and dirty work of actualizing ideas into concrete form is cumbersome and fraught with mucky real world problems like emotions, details, plans, goal-setting, and the fiery will needed to pull something into the world. The Oracle prefers to float through dreamland.


The Dervish (or jester) sees the absurdity in all things. Rules, desires and goals, the monuments to our egos, earth-bound accomplishments-- all of this means nothing to the Dervish; they are a joke he is happy to point out. Their receptivity to the fire element cures their soul even as it can burn those around them.

She is fearless in her understanding of the divine truth and laughs at the rest. The dervish burns everything but the truth. 

Freedom is paramount, because nothing on earth is worth bending to.  A dervish may be a revolutionary, comedian, or an ascetic.  A pure Dervish doesn't play by the rules of any system and therefore might struggle within the bounds of a 9:00 to 5:00 job, or the expectations of a classroom.  The dervish is powerful in her truth-telling and clarity of insight, even if the world hasn't offered her much in the way of position or wealth. 


The Beloved Archetype is the sweet and beautiful person who calls out to the hearts of all who meet him or her.  He is darling and delightful, and provokes the Lover Archetype to feel the deep and painful longing of her soul as she pines for the Beloved.  Beloveds attract all other archetypes, actually, although she devotes herself to only a few.

Another name for this archetype is the "Disciple."  Beloveds and Disciples embody the same receptive relational energy, either in love, or between a student and teacher (or an employee and supervisor, between friends, etc).  The Beloved is accepting and devotional, wide open to love and the world.  She is vulnerable in this position, but willingly.


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