3 Benefits of Heart Rhythm Meditation


The first benefit you will receive from Heart Rhythm Meditation is a wonderful relaxation

This relaxation is different from sleep or any other “restful” activity. It comes with a heightened sense of awareness, so you will not be sluggish or drowsy afterward.

Of this state, people say things like “That is the most relaxed I can ever remember being.” You may feel as if you can’t move your body—it’s too heavy—even though you know you can. You won’t want to move.

The second benefit results from the alertness: you will have the “aha!” experience of having brilliant ideas spring into your mind. Because the mind takes over normally unconscious tasks (like breathing), or monitors them consciously (like the heart rate), parts of the unconscious are freed up. 

Consequently, the mind operates differently in meditation: the unconscious is more accessible and more responsive to the will. This “aha!” state is very valuable as it helps us solve the puzzles of our lives and meet our challenges with new creativity.

The third benefit is the experience of power in your heart. It comes as a direct result of listening to your heartbeat. You feel that your heart has expanded and can no longer fit in your chest. 

You have a sensation of pressure, but not pain, in the chest. You feel that your scope, your reach, and your influence have expanded outward into the world at large. 

These feelings correspond to the discovery of your magnetic field. The magnetic field of the human body is a measurable reality, and when you become aware of it, you feel its energy. The value of this experience is its powerful effect on your self-confidence and self-image.

These three benefits come in the early stages of learning Heart Rhythm Meditation.

Blessings on your meditations,

Puran Bair 
Chancellor, The University of the Heart


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