The 12 Archetypes of the Heart

Who am I? 
How can I relate better to others? 
How can I do what I do better? 
Who can I become?

There are 12 ways to respond to these questions:

Though you are a unique person, you're also an example of your archetype. There are twelve archetypes from an energy point-of-view, and each has its own purpose in life AND the inner resources needed to fulfill that purpose.

Linking the types of energies to the sacred qualities of the heart and soul forms the foundation of spiritual psychology.

Knowing about your archetype is essential to understanding yourself and harmonizing with others.


Bob said, “I didn't understand why Julie had to have everything just-so. Why couldn't she be more easy-going and let things slide? When I found out she's a QUEEN archetype, it all made sense. Now I don't mind when she takes charge of things, I figure it's better that she takes it than someone else who maybe couldn't handle the responsibility like she can.”

Bob's wife said, “Once I knew Bob was a SCIENTIST archetype, I could accept how he forgets to take his vitamins. He doesn't even know when he's hot or cold, he's so focused on whatever he's doing or thinking. His awesome concentration is the power for his successes.”

Are you single and looking for a partner? People of the DISCIPLE archetype have many admirers, but they give their devotion to only a few. The KNIGHTS work alone, unless they can find a relationship that's mission-related. Those of the PRIEST(ESS) archetype are aloof, but can be wonderful communicators. The PARTNER archetype is most harmonious and engaging, from whom there is no escape. You wouldn't be single if you were an ARTIST archetype -- they fall in love easily and commit readily.

If you're looking for fun, you can't do better than the DERVISH archetype -- optimistic, joyous and uplifting. Life is always whirling with a dervish. The TRUSTEE archetype, in contrast, is very sober, disciplined, self-reliant and reliable. Both are good to have as friends.

If you're looking for out-of-the-box, big-picture thinking, you need someone of the ORACLE archetype. Oracles are intuitive and innovative, comfortable with complexity, but they don't work with the same sense of time as the rest of us. To get something done, hire a WARRIOR archetype; they live and breathe goals and deadlines. And every group needs a HEALER archetype to facilitate their recovery and ensure their longevity.

Combinations of Archetypes

We each have all twelve archetypes potentially, but have specialized in one or two, leaving the others largely unexplored. By claiming your hidden archetypes, the strength of one compensates for the weakness of another and you bring balance to your personality and awakening to your purpose.

Revealing Your Archetype

How do you know which archetype you are? You can't answer from your mind, because it only knows that of yourself that has become most familiar. People often adopt an archetype that hides their glorious self, like the KING that acts like a distorted DERVISH because he can't handle the weight of responsibility, or the DISCIPLE that has learned to act like a poor example of a WARRIOR because warriors get more respect. Certainly, your heart knows your true nature, and your heart will unfold your self.

We have seven ways of revealing your archetype without asking you any questions. For example, each of the twelve archetypes responds to music differently, and each archetype has its own identifiable walk. In our group retreat, you'll learn how to see people's archetype and delight in discovering your own, which might be surprising!


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