Learn Meditation Online

... with the Support of a Teacher and Community

It's easy to learn how to meditate with Heart Rhythm Meditation from your home. But you don't do it alone -- you will be supported in the process by your instructor and those who are studying and practicing with you. A community of meditators, results from the shared practice, and daily communications all help to keep you in the practice.

Our guided online courses bring the learning environment right into your home, including:

Reading You'll start at the beginning, adding a little bit each week with new instructions, readings, and assignments.

Writing Compose messages about the assignments and your meditations, and especially how they affect your life.

Practice The assignment is to do the meditation of the week, each day. You will be supported in this.

Instruction The teacher is online every day to comment on the messages posted by you and other students, providing meditation guidance.

Recorded Audio The meditations are also available as audio downloads, so you can be guided through them at your discretion each day.

Video Web-Conferencing Each week, there will be a one-hour video conference with the instructor and the rest of the class. The instructor leads a meditation, explains that week’s assignment, and answers questions.

The practices given within the guided online course are arranged as a series of eight rooms in a virtual classroom. Each room has the assigned practice, learning objectives, specific instructions and materials for that practice and a new message log for writing and responding to each other.

You practice the assigned meditations daily and post messages about your experience each week. You can report on the meditation and its application, ask questions, and dialog with the group.

Your instructor will post advice and respond to each message that you write, providing meditation guidance and support. You will benefit from the answers to your questions, and to those of the others as well.

List of Online Courses (click for detail)

Course 101: Foundations of Heart Rhythm Meditation

The heart is both a physical organ which pumps blood throughout the body, and the center of all love and all feeling. Heart Rhythm Meditation is a powerful form of inner reflection that involves a deep, full breath and a focus on the heart. As a meditation method, it has been shown to produce a state of dynamic harmony between the pulse, brainwaves, and endocrine system, resulting in increased anti-stress hormones and a more rhythmic heartbeat.

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Course 102: The Four Elemental Energies

The Four Elements are the energetic building blocks of creation and the foundation of more advanced meditation. By recognizing the elements in all activities, things, and beings, you gain insight into the invisible and inner forms behind the outer forms. The elements are the omnipresent, inexhaustible forces that heal and develop your heart.

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Course 103: Energizing Your Heart in Four Dimensions

The Four Dimensions of the Heart are a profound way of understanding one’s self, personality, and qualities. You can use the breath and elements you learned about in the previous two courses as a powerful way of assisting the heart’s development, which usually grows in one or two dimensions at a time. This is a comprehensive model of energy psychology, for both diagnosis and treatment.

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Course 104: Healing Your Emotional & Energetic Heart

Emotional health has a very clearly defined meaning at iamHeart: It means that you have healed the wounds of your heart. The healing of the heart’s wounds results in the restoration of the heart’s natural state: a positive, optimistic emotional space, where you have no blame, guilt, or resentment.

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Course 105: The Seven Energy Centers

A human being has seven energy centers, also called chakras, which are reservoirs of energy. A person’s abilities and their developmental path are both affected by the development of these centers. The centers themselves can be directly and quickly opened and developed by the use of sound and breathing practices.

Course 106: Accomplishing Your Heart's Desire

The primary tool for developing self-mastery on the path of the heart is through the accomplishment of goals that are deeply important to you. This course presents the teachings on accomplishing goals. Students will undertake a single-subject research study on a personal goal and write a paper describing the results.

Course 107: The Seven Planes of Existence

This course teaches a holistic model of reality called Sohembo, which integrates the universal and individual self. We define the self as the current of breath that connects existence on seven planes of reality, becoming progressively more manifest. Breath passes through planes of consciousness, vibration, light and energy, becoming more structured and dense, and eventually manifesting as matter.

Course 108: The Culture of the Heart

This course crystallizes the iamU program, presenting a set of practices which help you take what you’ve learned into life. You will learn about the Cultures of the Body, Mind, and Soul, as a way of creating the integration between all of these within the Heart, which can incorporate the wisdom of the past and prepare us to fulfill our lives. We look at how the student can contribute to creating the Culture of the Heart.

Heartful Sleep Course

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of blessed, heart-centered sleep. There is no greater comfort than sleep. This guided online course will teach you how to use meditation to sleep better and fully awaken, so that your rest is more fulfilling and you have more energy during the day.