An experienced iamHeart Mentor can help you learn Heart Rhythm Meditation and apply it in your life. The mentor has the responsibility to help you take your next step in the path. Their role is an active one, initiating contact with you and encouraging you onward, toward your fulfillment.

An iamHeart Mentor helps you answer three questions:


1) What is your most pressing need in which you are currently engaged?

This need is connected to a specific dimension of your heart and will immediately respond to your heart's development in that area. A pressing need could be about your health, relationships or accomplishments.


2) What is the internal model of reality from which you operate?

The answer will determine how your life unfolds. How does your understanding of the heart create the challenges that appear in every area of your life and your attitude toward others and yourself?


3) How can you be a better example of your archetype: a wise, magnanimous, inspiring, loving person?

The final result of our work is a completed human personality that demonstrates your own ideal and realization. The development of a noble character that accepts responsibility with compassion and grace is the ultimate aim of inner work in our time.


These three questions direct the work with the heart into concrete and practical applications, and they also encompass the whole ideal of a heart that is healed, receptive, powerful and serviceable. The mentor will help you apply Heart Rhythm Practice to each of these three questions.

How do you interact with an IAM Mentor?

Each month, you and your Mentor would arrange a monthly meeting of an hour, over the phone or via Skype video call. Mentorship is a year-long commitment for both parties, and the fee for the year is $1,200, divided into twelve monthly payments of $100.

We ask that you attend to at least one iamHeart seminar, webcourse, or retreat each year while you're in the mentoring program, since your experience with the iamHeart method is the foundation of your work with your Mentor.

To select a Mentor, contact the iamHeart office at 1-520-299-2170.