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+    Why Learn Heart Rhythm Meditation?

In the video below Dr. Charles Palmer describes how meditation can help make you a happier more functional person on a chemical level.

Learning Heart Rhythm Meditation Will Help You:

Increase your energy by making your breathing deep and full
Develop your concentration by focusing on your heartbeat
Reduce chronic stress by improving your Heart Rate Variability
Feel heightened optimism by remembering your heart's wish
Deepen your closest relationships by speaking from your heart

 Heart Rhythm Meditation is a practice of synchronizing your breath and heartbeat to create a connection between your mind and your heart.  To coordinate your breath and heart, listen to your heartbeat or pulse, and then inhale for six heartbeats and exhale for six heartbeats (or inhale for eight and exhale for eight, or ten and ten…).

+     Features of 'Breath & Heart'

The "Breath & Heart" Course Includes:

Instructional Video Meditations
Downloadable Audio Meditations
Inspirational Readings
Written Assignments and Journal Capability
Engaging, Carefully-Sequenced Curriculum
Simple Meditation Instructions

The course begins at the very beginning – Module One gives instruction about Conscious Breathing, the first step in Heart Rhythm Meditation. Later modules take you through further steps: Rhythmic Breath, Connection with Heart, Posture, Full Breath, Heart Rhythm Meditation, and The Depth of Meditation.



By the end of this self-paced course you will be able to establish a regular meditation practice, enjoy the experience of connecting with your heart, and take the first steps on a path that has changed thousands of lives.

+     What People Are Saying About 'Breath & Heart'

"The content was easilty accessible, clear & direct... I felt that this [style of meditation] seems to be the most intuitive and natural for inner connection to one's self & emotion."

– Melissa H., Minister & Yoga Teacher

"I feel that Heart Rhythm Meditation has saved my life, prevented a heart attack and stroke, as I am diabetic with high blood pressure and 57 years old. After each Heart Rhythm session I feel calmer and rejuvenated."

– Jim Cumming, Teacher, US Army (Ret.)

"It is wonderful to find a meditation as simple and as universal as the Heart Rhythm Method."

– Rami M. Shapiro, Rabbi

"Over the years I have practiced Heart Rhythm Meditation, there have been profound shifts in my life. As a classical musician, I have greater ease of playing, creativity in expression and higher concentration levels than ever before."

– Robert Johnson, Assistant Principal, Lyric Opera of Chicago

"I've used Heart Rhythm Meditation to lower my blood pressure to the point of reducing the medication I take for it, stave off migraine headaches, and to quiet heart arrhythmia when I'm stressed or overtired."

– Ronnie Howell, Minister

"Soon after being introduced to Heart Rhythm Meditation and applying the meditation practices, my blood pressure began coming down, I became more accepting of myself and I literally found my heart!"

– Porter Underwood, Engineer

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