Course 401: The Practice of Remembrance

Healing, self development, and that advanced self-development that is called spiritual growth, are all basically a practice of Remembrance.

Physics, art, music and mysticism all agree on what every heart already knows: there is only one reality, and that reality is unified. There is nothing new to discover here, since the unity of life envelops us everyday. Yet people usually live in separateness—separate from one another, and with their minds separate from their hearts.

What is needed is to remember what we already know. That which you've not quite forgotten, but which is perhaps not consciously known either, is the connection between yourself and the rest of the universe, between your humanity and your divinity. This is what we must remember if we are to awaken to the purpose of our lives: that the universe and the individual are each reflections of the other, connected through a spectrum of consciousness with no division. There is only one life, one being who lives, one lover, one beloved, one love, and one heart that contains it. As this is the ultimate truth, all existence already knows it, but it must still be remembered. Once we know that we know it, we can become truly useful.


Remembrance will benefit you in many ways:

  • You will remember what gifts you have been given.
  • You will remember where you have known your friends before.
  • You will remember why you chose the life you have had.
  • You will remember the purpose to which you dedicated yourself, before you were born.

Then your heart will lead you to your next step in that purpose.

Remember the Heart of your Heart

The exploration of your heart takes you through a journey, re-visiting the sacred stations which stir and inspire us: We will search for, and discover ...

  • The Heart of Iron, Silver and Gold
  • The Heart of Nature, including the Heart of the Sun, the Moon, the Crystal, and the Flower
  • The Heart of the Lion, the Elephant, the Deer, the Rabbit
  • The Immaculate Heart, The Sacred Heart
  • The Broken Heart, which can never be closed again
  • The Weeping Heart, the Generous Heart

Who Should Attend

This seminar will help those who have not quite forgotten that there is something to be discovered, something to be known, and something to be done with that knowledge.

"Dance when you are broken open.
  Dance if you have torn the bandage off.
  Dance in the middle of the fighting.
  Dance in your blood.
  Dance when you are perfectly free."
-- Jelaluddin Rumi

Seminar Content

This training is parallel to the training offered by the IAM courses. The course on Heart Rhythm Practice, for example, develops a powerful method of opening your heart and the course on Archetypes explores your path. Instead of being about the process of the development of the person, this training is about the process of the development of the universe, in which we are all intimately involved. Here we will share in the divine point-of-view regarding what is needed, specifically, at this time, and feel how that is expressed in each person's life. This begins the real spiritual work, the work of the spiritual knighthood of our age for the global healing and development of humanity's realization of the one reality.

By the ancient process of Remembrance, one can receive inspiration and guidance that is very specific and personally appropriate, even if it is also very challenging.

The seminar will include instruction and participation in Heart Rhythm Practice. Some familiarity with Heart Rhythm Practice is assumed. The advanced practice of Remembrance will be taught, practiced and experienced together.

There are a number of breakthrough experiences you can look forward to in this time when you're immersed in your heart, but they don't necessarily happen on schedule. So there will be time to lounge, to walk, to swim, and to dream. Day after day, our rhythms will get slower and slower until we find the stillness of peace in our hearts. Then we will let joy and magnetism emerge to fill our lives. The atmosphere built up by hearts assembled in love and harmony is something tangible you can touch and taste. You'll walk around within it, then carry it home.

The seminar will be conducted in a retreat setting with chairs and meditation benches. Some times we will be meditating together, some times alone in the woods. Some part of the five days will be in silence, but we will not be alone or isolated from each other. We will be tuning our hearts to resonate with the hearts of those around us and beyond the horizons. The approach is participative and experiential. This is not a lecture. The leaders will be meditating with you. We are all in this together.

A booklet included with the seminar will summarize the main points of the method and allow you to recreate the seminar experience on your own.

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