107: The Metaphysics of the Heart


The study of how people can create lasting change has always been a topic for spiritual schools. In the last hundred years, an holistic process called Sohembo (so-HEM-bo) has been developed that discards no part of the person, resulting in complete integration of the self. Sohembo replaces the old system of Alchemy, "discard and rebuild", with "continuous regeneration" as seen in biology, physics, and psychology -- the way organisms and systems naturally mature and evolve holistically.

Managers, educators, therapists and parents need to know how Sohembo works and can be used to bring a person's essential, soul qualities into their personality, their life and even into their body, and simultaneously evolve the soul through life experience. By resolving past traumas and overcoming addictions, one becomes truly effective.

This process of co-creation of the self is aligned with courses 202: The Twelve Archetypes and 204: The Map -- Follow Your Heart to Illumination.

We see the ego as that which focuses the universe into a miniature of itself, in the same way a lens focuses light into a spot. If the lens is clear, no light is lost and the spot of light, the individual, contains all the frequencies of the sun, the source. If the lens is accurate, the proportions of those frequencies are unchanged, so the light has the same color as the sun.

But the lens can be cloudy instead of clear, and distorted instead of accurate. This causes the qualities of the self to be missing or distorted in the heart, mind and body. For each of these weaknesses or distortions, IAM offers a spiritual methodology for strengthening and correcting the lens, resulting in a physical, mental and emotional body that manifests the brilliance and beauty of the soul.

This course offers the method by which you can consciously rebuild your self from your essence!


Physical Beauty This course offers an affirming and inspiring method for creating a physical body that expresses your true self. Losing weight and making the body radiant is not a matter of discipline; it is a matter of clarifying the physical lens so that your mental image can be physically manifested.

Mental Health When your mind has fear or confusion, it shows a disconnect with the power and light of your heart. When the mental lens is clear, your thinking reflects the optimism, fearlessness, and all-encompassing understanding that your heart has by its nature. This course is the cure for negative thinking and repetitive loops. The solution is not in your mind; it's in the connection of your mind to your heart, through the mental lens. Don't try to heal your mind with your mind; that's futile. Heal your mind with peace and love from your heart.

Healing a Broken Heart There are times when even the heart becomes weak, through loss, betrayal, lonliness, grief, trauma, or compassion fatigue. These are times of spiritual crises. But the heart can be recharged by the pure, infinite, eternal source which we call the heart of the heart, or the soul. This course shows the method of healing and strengthening your heart by finding the Universal Heart within itself. The experience of a constant presence and unconditional love transforms the self-concept from that of an isolated individual to a microcosm of the universe.


Why is such a basic and powerful method as course #107 not early in the IAM curriculum? Because two other processes must be learned first. "The Twelve Archetypes", course #202, gives the experience of the pure qualities of a person's soul, the qualities emerging in the heart, and those that are fixed in the personality by the mind. This shows the difference between what is inherent in the self and what relatively little of that potential is manifested in the heart, mind and body.

Furthermore, "The Map -- Follow Your Heart to Illumination", course #204, shows how one's identity progresses from mind-centered, to heart-centered, to soul-centered. The last step gives one access to the infinite aspects of Self. The process of manifesting the Self that occurs in course #107 is only possible when one has reliable access to one's heart, as explained in The Map.

Course 107 is only available as part of the second year of IAM-U, The University of the Heart, due to its prerequisites.


The content of this course is taken from the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the great Indian Sufi who taught in the West, starting in 1910. Although these teachings are a central part of his philosophy, IAM is the only school currently offering the material and experience of the three lenses.

Here is a teaching that affirms the ego as an integral part of the human being. If it were not for ego, a person could not take responsibility.

The 8-week webcourse will require you to perform daily one of the eight meditations, as a new one is introduced each week, and to write several papers that apply the material of the course to your own life. You will conclude by assessing the strength, weakness or distortion of each of your three lenses and by describing your experiences with the meditation practices that are prescribed specifically for your combination of ego conditions.

Sohembo is a word formed by taking the first two letters of each of the words, "Soul, Heart, Mind, Body", and then removing the letter "i". The "i" isn't necessary because Sohembo IS the self.


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