105: The Heart-Centered, Human Energetic System

The Seven energy Centers

The Seven Energy Centers in the body are like seven different kinds of batteries that store seven different forms of energy, from heat in the first center to cosmic energy in the seventh. The energetic heart is the main center of the system of seven centers, with three energy centers above the heart and three below. All the centers contribute to the development of the heart, and conversely, the power of the heart energizes all the centers above and below.

The energy centers have been studied and practiced for thousands of years, in every spiritual system starting with Hinduism, where they were called chakras. The ability of the centers to function and to handle the energy they're designed for is vital to spiritual development. As your centers develop a larger capacity, your meditation experiences will be deeper, bigger, and carry over longer into your day. What was frightening before will become inspiring and useful when your centers can handle the energy.

While New Age teachers have popularized the chakras, they are usually misrepresented, which makes their development all the more difficult. For an example of the difficulty facing western seekers of heart development, the Hindu system identifies the color of the heart chakra as green. Actually, the heart emits a yellow color, the middle color in the visible spectrum and the apparent color of the sun; it is a miniature sun in the chest. If you look down upon the heart in a transcendent experience, it appears green because green is just above yellow in the spectrum. But to effectively energize the heart, you need to be IN your heart, not above it. Visualizing the color of the sun will help you discover the power and radiance of the sun within you.

We find there is as much need for development in the three lower centers as in the three higher ones. De-emphasizing the full development of the lower chakras is an error if one wants to live in the world.

The discovery of the pairings of the energy centers, for example the throat center with the sexual center, is especially important for emotional healing and practical application of the energies.

In this course, you will learn the methods of developing the energy centers by concentration, breath, sound, music, and movement. You will relate the energy centers to the periods of your life, and you will learn methods by which the power of the various energy centers can be observed and measured.

Course 105 is only available as part of the second year of IAM-U, The University of the Heart, due to its prerequisites.

The members of the Class of 2012 reported that course 105 was one of the most transformational courses in the two-year curriculum.

All the energy centers contribute in different ways to your health, to your healthy relationships, and to your ability to accomplish what you wish to accomplish.

The amazing lives of the masters and saints are due primarily to their development of the extraordinary power of the seven energy centers, especially the heart.


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