Heart Rhythm Practice

The universe is designed as a wish-fulfillment system, responding to you and everyone else. Your intention orients this system. But doesn't everyone wish for happiness? If it's so simple to just choose the life you want, why don't you have it? Because there are other considerations.

Intention is not your only power, and good intentions are not good enough - you can't operate the universe in cold-blood. There are Six Basic Powers (described in our book, Energize Your Heart), and intention is just one of them. Your heart, the center of your greatest power, needs to be energized to generate the forces that will move your world and fulfill your wish.

To accomplish your heart's wish, to become the person you wish to be, to live from your heart and to attract other people of the heart into your life, you need a method to practice, a model of the energetic heart, and a Map by which to assess progress.

The Four Dimensions of the Heart is the model, and Heart Rhythm Practice is the method for energizing your heart to access its guidance and power. We use all Six Basic Powers, not just intention, to fully claim your God-given gift of happiness and purposeful growth. HRP is a practical method that makes living and working "from the heart" attainable. With HRP, your heart will be the center of your life. Then it becomes easy and natural to act as you would like, with your heart providing:


Compelling vision


There are three aspects of energizing your heart which constitute Heart Rhythm Practice:

  1. Recognition of the "Four Dimensions of the Heart" in yourself and others to reveal the splendor of what is emerging within you.

  2. Heart Rhythm Meditation, a simple yet profound method to coordinate the basic rhythms of your body and bring you into a state of radiant peace.

  3. Application of the heart in challenging situations of health, relationships, and accomplishments, through the Exercises for Life.

Heart Rhythm Meditation is different from other types of meditation in its physical, emotional, and spiritual results. See The Types of Meditation. Heart Rhythm Meditation coordinates your body's internal rhythms, producing entrainment of heartbeat, breath and brainwaves. This makes a connection between the mind and heart so that your emotions become understandable and your desires conscious. Heart Rhythm Meditation causes the heart to broadcast waves of peace on its magnetic field. The Heart Rate Variability becomes a smooth sine wave. See more research. Heart Rhythm Meditation also includes Sun Gazing, to bring the Sun into your heart.

When you learn Heart Rhythm Practice, you make it your own. You can use it alone, with your partner, or in a group. Then your own heart leads you to the fulfillment of its deep and long-held wish, providing its own power. There are five Stages of Consciousness that one goes through in Heart Rhythm Meditation, from ordinary consciousness to the goal of all mystical experrience.

Benefits include ...
Physical: cardiac recovery and health, circulation,
      nervous system, immune system, sleep
Emotional: concentration, decision making, learning,
      creativity, stress reduction
      acceptance, optimism, influence, joy
Spiritual: meaning, guidance, fulfillment, connection


You can learn Heart Rhythm Practice through our
books and CDs,
local centers,
national seminars
and retreats.


Listen to your body. Value your mind. Honor your ego. Harness your emotions. Employ the Mind-Body connection.
Attentive to physical sensation, alert and awake, feel ALL emotions.
Authentic, profound, scientific, ancient, but not religious.
No fantasy, no spacing-out. Real practical benefits to your health, work, and relationships.
Taking the goal of responsibility and integrity, not freedom and detachment, we seek to have a greater impact on our world than our world has upon us.
This is the method of our time.


Determine the Dimensions of your Heart with our FREE Heart Profile questionnaire.


There is a cosmology of the heart, a belief system that is integrative and all-encompassing.

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