Physical Heart Healing


First, right breathing will solve many of your health issues, for most people over-breathe, an automatic response to stress, most extreme in panic-attacks. Slowing down your breath, making it rhythmic and balanced in and out, restores the pH of your blood to the optimum level and this has a powerful, beneficial effect on a wide range of physical, mental and emotional issues. For more information see this article.


Second, you can use the heart in healing yourself and others by generating Extremely-Low-Frequency (ELF) Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF). Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields were first proven effective in causing bone growth. Now PEMF is used for nerve regeneration, wound healing, graft behavior, diabetes, and myocardial and cerebral ischemia (heart attack and stroke), among other conditions. Preliminary data even suggest possible benefits in controlling malignancy (cancer). A healer can generate PEMF using Heart Rhythm Meditation and deliver this pulsed energy to a patient.

It has been shown that the human heart can generate PEMF in the frequency range that has been effective in healing and growing tissue of four types: bone, nerve, muscle and organs. The heart's magnetic field naturally pulses as the heart beats. By using magnetic instruments we can verify that your heart is producing PEMF in the necessary frequency and intensity, and these instruments can be used as biofeedback for training. Also, the frequencies of your magnetic field generated by your heart can be seen in a graph of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which is easily monitored by an inexpensive, computerized instrument.

IAMheart offers Heart Healing by the generation and application of pulsed electromagnetic fields, created in Heart Rhythm Meditation, in group retreats. Training in Heart Healing is offered to graduates of the IAM University of the Heart IAM-U.

Subtle Energies

The different types of healing energy correspond to the ancient concepts of the Element Energies: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. As there is need of sun and water for plants to grow, so you need all the four Elements to be in good health. These four Elements are attracted by the power and capacity of your breath. But every person does not attract the same properties: one attracts more fire Element breath, another more water Element, and the Elements must also be attracted to the appropriate type of tissue.

Healing by Sound

An especially effective method of healing is to use vocalized sound to physically stimulate a particular energy center (chakra) in the body. This is a specialty of our school. You can immerse yourself in these powerful sounds by playing one of our recordings, or by learning to produce the energetic sounds yourself.


Emotional Heart Healing

Changing the Past

You can heal your heart of past wounds so effectively that the present effect of the past is changed not only for yourself but for all those involved. This is possible by revisiting the past not from your own point-of-view, but through the eyes of others who were present, using a practice called "Contemplation" of the heart.

Immersion in Forgiveness

Sometimes a trauma cannot be resolved because it seems that forgivingness would be a tacit agreement with the hurtful behavior. Or perhaps you would like to forgive but you cannot ease the emotional impact of the event. An advanced method for these and other cases is to immerse yourself in unlimited forgiveness and unconditional love through meditation on the depth of your heart. However, this can't be just a visualization; it has to be an energetic and emotional experience. Consciousness rides on energy, and energy is directed by breath, so you'll need an effective breathing practice like Heart Rhythm Meditation to cleanse your heart.

The Pull of Your Purpose

The events of the past only make sense when you consider the purpose of your life for which you are being prepared by every circumstance and relationship. Your purpose, although hidden from your conscious mind, is deeply impressed upon your heart, and our heartful method will reveal it. In the light of your purpose, you can appreciate even the most difficult times of your life.

Emotional Resiliance

It is well established that the ability to handle emotional stress is related to your Vagal Tone, a measure of the effectiveness of the vagus nerve in calming your body's rhythms. Heart Rhythm Meditation is the most effective method for increasing vagal tone because it induces a connection between breath rate and heart rate that is more powerful than RSA. See Vagal Tone.

The Invincible Heart

IAMheart teaches a process called "The Invincible Heart" by which you can escape the "Drama Triangle" and accomplish your heart's desires.

Mentoring: personal guidance in the path of the heart

A person experienced with Heart Rhythm Practice can help you learn it and apply it in your life. The mentor has the responsibility to help you take your next step in the path. Their role is an active one, initiating contact with you and encouraging you onward, toward your fulfillment. IAM has a method; mentorship is what makes IAM a school.