Becoming an IAM Energy Healer

One of the specializations in the IAM Master of Applied Meditation degree is Energy Healing, a career path for care givers.

With the failure of America's health care system has come the opportunity and need for alternatve and complementary methodologies for healing. At the same time, the field of Energy Healing has matured in theory and practice to the point where it is now possible to measure some of the types of energy used in healing and to certify that a healer can radiate healing energy.

IAM is the first school of healing to design its curriculum to demonstrate the scientific test of healing ability developed by Dr. Melinda Conner, a researcher at the University of Arizona and Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health. Her research has demonstrated that regeneration of tissue occurs when a specific, measurable, magnetic field is generated by the hands of the healer. The IAM Energy Healer curriculum is designed to develop the ability to create this magnetic field that has been proven to create healing.

In addition to the courses shown at the right, an IAM Energy Healer is required to complete a 3-day private retreat and pass the Melinda Conner Healing Magnetism Test.

IAM teaches three levels of healing.

  1. At the first level, we offer advice on posture, diet, exercise, lifestyle choices, and especially breathing practices and awareness exercises. Patients are instructed in methods of energy healing that they can then do on their own. We never prescribe drugs. Course 201 gives the science behind Heart Rhythm Meditation and its effect for self-regulation.

  2. The second level of healing work uses the healer as a conduit of energy. At this level, the healer is not just prescribing a remedy, the healer is also delivering the remedy. At this level, the healer demonstrates the ability to generate that magnetic field that has been proven to regenerate tissue. Our hands-on healing methodology called El-En-T operates at this level.

  3. At the third level, the healer and patient are united in a non-dualistic reality. The healer can then absorb the patient's illness and the healer becomes the remedy by resolving the illness internally. This is a very advanced method of healing that will require perhaps a decade of practice. We call it Healing by Absorption.


IAM Course Requirements
for Energy Healers

Courses 201, 202, 203, 302, 303, 304, 106

H1 Hands-on-Healing

H2 Distant Healing

H3 Healing by Absorption