The 2017 East Coast Meditation Retreat




Discover How You Can Direct The 4 Spiritual Energies To Achieve: Internal Clarity, Emotional Balance, Inner Power & Enduring Peace


November 10th - 15th, 2017
The Guest House Retreat Center
Chester, Connecticut




A Message From The Founders:

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How often do you feel a sense of peace?

In those rare moments of peacefulness, you probably have clarity of thought, have temporarily recaptured your personal power, and emotionally, you feel serene.

Without these things, how can peace endure?

Fortunately, each of these four feelings can be activated by one of the four kinds of Spirit: The Four Element Energies. 

The Four Element Energies correspond to the four states of matter and are observable as different frequencies of life-force energy. Today, modern mystics combine the Element Energies with the power of heart meditation to achieve specific and measurable life goals.

The way to effectively work to accomplish your goal depends upon your own primary energy type:

  • When the Air Element is strong in you, you'll envision ahead of time the whole process you'll need to follow, and plan carefully. If you set it up right, and forsee solutions for the potential problems, execution will follow easily.
  • With the Fire Element working within you, you'll be able to push through any obstacles with power and face any challenge with truth. But it will require sacrifice. Burn brightly and joyfully, but don't burn out.
  • The way of the Water Element is smooth and beautiful. Just get into the flow and ride the wave. If you can handle the emotional intensity and vulnerability, you'll find partners and helpers all along the way.
  • The Earth Element will give you the determination and endurance you'll need to stay the course. The weight will all fall on you because you're the one that can carry it. Everyone depends on you. It might not be fun, but you'll get it done.

With training, all Four Element Energies can become invisible, powerful assets to improve and transform your health, relationships and accomplishments.

Toward those objectives, the Four Elements can be directed to have the following effects on the heart:


 ElementEffect on the HeartHelps to Heal


Listening with the heart, expression of heart in words, opening the capacity for growth, discovering the ideal

Guilt, confusion, despair, grief, denial


Building power, courage, and radiance in the heart, reaching upward toward perfection

Depression, lack of discrimination, pessimism


Developing creativity, generosity, empathy, love, deep emotion

Rigidity, stubbornness, resentment, withdrawal


Expanding influence, stability, tolerance

Spacing out, fear, lack of purpose 


Each Element Energy first performs a particular type of healing purification upon the heart: filtering (Earth), washing (Water), melting (Fire), or expanding (Air). Then the Elements have a further effect on the heart: to develop it in one of the four ways it can be developed.

For example, to develop the water qualities of the heart – creativity, generosity, and empathy – the Water Element is used. Water Element Energy is also effective in softening the qualities of rigidness and stubborness in others.

By expanding Heart Rhythm Meditation to include the Four Element Energies, we gain an even more powerful tool that we can use to bring ourselves into the awareness of our hearts, to bring out the qualities of the heart, and to live from the heart.


Puran and Susanna Bair
Founders, iamHeart




"Element Energy Transfer" is the transference of Air, Fire, Water or Earth elemental energy from one person to another. These are the four types of subtle energy in the universe and the four fundamental forces that operate upon us.

In us, their main work is upon the heart, and they cause development in the Four Dimensions of the Heart. We can develop our hearts through the conscious use of the four subtle energies, the Four Elements. All of us have a dominant Element, and an Element which is less developed.

With Element Energy Transfer, we can give and receive the qualitative energy of an element needed at the time. There is a methodology of breath, visualization, sound and movement corresponding to each element, and by these methods, we develop that element within us. Then we can transfer the needed element to another person through specific methods of touch. This is particularly useful for therapists, doctors, and others involved in the healing professions.



Meditate with The Element Energies to...


Develop Your Vision (Air)


• Sharpen and intensify your concentration
• Be able to shift from linear to holistic thinking, and back
• See more of the latent potential in others
• Consciously use your inner signals for decision making
• See the meaningfulness of your present life situations
• Pick up future trends by intuition
• Develop a personal vision of your life’s purpose



Develop Your Energy (Fire)


• Recover from stress more rapidly
• Increase your capacity for stress through the power of your heart
• Sleep less, using the time for reflection and planning
• Face everyday situations with more courage

Develop Your Emotional Capacity (Water)


• Use your subtle feelings as a “sixth sense”
• Become capable of a deeper involvement with others
• Have a better sense of the emotional state of others
• Be more creative
• Be a more magnetic leader

Develop Your Integrity (Earth)Earth_Chinese-8560.jpg

• Increase your self-discipline and mastery
• Have a deliberate positive effect on your physical health
• Be disciplined and purposeful about time management
• Say what you mean and mean what you say
• Be more patient with others
• Be more trustworthy and trusting
• Manage your many traits and skills toward a purpose


Meet Your Guides: Susanna and Puran Bair


Susanna and Puran Bair are the creators of Heart Rhythm Meditation and the authors of three books, including the spiritual classic, “Living From The Heart” (Random House, 1998).

Susanna and Puran founded iamHeart, the Institute for Applied Meditation on the Heart, and later established The University of the Heart. They have worked with leading researchers to measure the effects of meditation on heart rhythm, brain waves, light emission, and electromagnetism, demonstrating mastery of both transcendent and heart-centered meditation techniques.

They have been deeply honored to receive the Alyce and Elmer Green Award for Innovation from the International Society for Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), whose past recipients include Dr. Delores Krieger, Dr. Norman Shealy, and Joseph Chilton Pierce.


Praise for iamHeart Meditation Retreats



"I came to the retreat feeling very confused. I had a burning in my throat, heart palpitations, and an overwhelming sense of anxiety about the state of my life. I can not express how wonderful each and every person was. So warm, so loving, so welcoming. I felt free to speak my mind with no threat of judgment or criticism. The meditations were moving, deep, and effective. I am leaving the retreat with a new family. I feel more grounded, have a greater clarity of my direction, and a better sense of who I am, what I want, and the greatness that I can give. And a bonus...My heart palpitations are gone!"

- Amy Bassett-Wells, Teacher

"Deeply transforming, full of fun and ecstasy."

- Steven Winn, Entrepreneur

"This retreat was BIG! I loved the presence of Susanna and Puran. Sun-gazing - something I had rejected in the past - was a brilliant surprise. The experience I had of being one with the Universe and the One was ecstatic and a blessing I will harvest all of my life. Thank you. The heart is the path to our personal and collective salvation."

- Pam Hale Trachta, Spiritual Mentor and Author

"This morning's sunrise meditation I was rebirthed. I thought there was a second sun above me and I realized it was me."

- Steve Paulk, Teacher and Healer

"I had been searching and longing for spiritual development for a long time and when I found IAM Heart I knew it was the answer to my search. The retreats have been life enhancing and transformative for me by helping open my heart which had been closed for much of my life."

- Dee O'Neil, Attorney


"This was life-changing."

- Margaret O'Connor, Psychotherapist


What Happens on an iamHeart Retreat?

Heart Rhythm Meditation brings the profound experience of being in the heart, which opens more and more to include all things and all beings. It is this experience that makes the philosophy of the heart come alive.

Led by Puran and Susanna Bair in collaboration with other iamHeart teachers, the group meditation retreat provides a setting where you have all the support you need to really deepen your experience of Heart Rhythm Meditation. For those who are new to meditation, the group retreat is a way to gain experience that will be key for progress along the spiritual path. The group retreat will lead to a real and lasting opening of your heart.

The group retreat experience includes guided meditations, partner and group exercises, lecture and discussion, walking meditation and movement, and special activities which include music, whirling, and walking on fire. Time is set aside to create friendships, discuss the teachings, and share experiences.

The group retreat vaults you ahead by creating new breakthroughs in your life, opening new levels of spiritual realization, and deepening the experience of your existing meditation practice.

Learn more about what happens on a group retreat by viewing this video, taken at the Santa Barbara retreat location:






The Retreat Center

The Guest House Retreat Center in Chester is located in the scenic Connecticut River Valley, situated on 17 wooded acres. The tree-shaded, three-tiered deck overlooks a pond, and is ideal for dining and relaxing. Off to the north, they have a large open clover field. Their woods, a Certified Wildlife Habitat, have two 15-20 minute trail loops, perfect for an easy nature walk. Along the trails, you can find their 25-foot Labyrinth.

Click Here for More Information About Traveling To and From the Retreat Center


guest house deck


"As there is need of sun and water for plants to grow, so there is need of the four Elements for a person to keep in perfect health. A person who knows how to breathe perfectly can keep the body free from every kind of impurity. Even the mind derives benefit from this. For the mind too is composed of four Elements, the Elements in their finest condition." 

- Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sage and Mystic



Register for the East Coast Retreat

"Elements of Transformation"

Nov 10th - 15th, 2017
Location: Chester CT

Tuition $700 until 2017-10-12
($800 regular) 

Plus $750 for a shared room:

Shared Room

Plus $1000 for a single room:

Single Room

 A payment plan is available. Please call the iamHeart office at 520-299-2170 for details.


Retreat Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your enrollment in a retreat up to two weeks prior to the start date of a retreat, you will receive a refund of your full payment, including tuition and lodging costs, minus a $100 administrative fee. If you cancel your enrollment 8-14 days prior to the start date of a retreat, you will be charged 50% of the retreat lodging costs, and receive a full refund of retreat tuition costs. If we are able to assign your room to someone else, you will only be charged a $100 administrative fee. If you cancel your enrollment 7 days or less prior to the start date of a retreat, you will not receive any refund on your lodging costs, and receive a 50% refund of retreat tuition costs. If iamHeart cancels a retreat for any reason, you will receive a full refund. We understand that issues arise, and we appreciate your thoughtful advance notice of any retreat cancellation.


guest house labyrinth


The Guest House
"This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.
Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond."
— Jellaludin Rumi


 "Elements of Transformation"

November 10th - 15th, 2017
The Guest House Retreat Center
Chester, Connecticut