Course 106: Accomplishment of the Heart

The primary tool for developing self-mastery on the path of the heart is through the accomplishment of goals that are deeply important to you. This course presents the teachings on accomplishing goals. Students will undertake a single-subject research study on a personal goal and write a paper describing the results.

In Course 106: Accomplishment of the Heart, you will learn:

  • What are The Three Paths of master, saint, and prophet
  • How these paths differ in their approach to accomplishing a goal
  • Practices which engage the energy of each path
  • Practical techniques to help accomplish goals
  • How to channel cosmic forces to accomplish personal objectives
  • The ability to make connections between the development of the energy centers you learned about in course 105 with specific, outer changes
  • How to discover and confront the inner issues that arise to block accomplishment
  • How the accomplishment of goals as a meditation practice represented a break with the meditative traditions of the past
  • What are the specific protocols of single-subject research projects

At this point in the curriculum, you will have studied Heart Rhythm Meditation for more than a year; what has it done for you? Is there a practical, specific benefit you can claim? Has it improved your health, your relationships, or your work in a measurable way? This course will help you clarify real, positive change that anyone could appreciate.

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