Energize Your Heart Journal

This blank journal contains inspirational passages from "Energize Your Heart in Four Dimensions" by Puran and Susanna Bair, passages of such exquisite beauty, that you cannot help but recognize your own inner greatness and see the greatness in the hearts of all those around you. You'll be reminded of the truth of your own being, and the majesty and splendor of the heart of all.

The passages from "Energize Your Heart" appear in the same order that they appeared in the text, so that as you make your way through the journal, you'll absorb the essence of the book.

This high-quality hardcover journal, printed on unlined, 50-lb stock, is worthy of your deepest reflections. Because the passages are artfully arranged in the margins, you have ample room to record your thoughts.



Every person who reads Energize Your Heart will benefit from this luminous and extremely practical, powerful guide to the path of heart. Its clear, lucid language evokes each feeling of the heart as its dimensions are described. The authors provide a step-by-step method for defining and expanding the breadth, height, depth, driving force, and inner dimension of the heart. From the initial description of the physical heart and heart center to realms of the spiritual heart, a picture of the whole heart comes together, lending an intuitive understanding of our relation to all of humanity.

Dr. Patricia Norris, pioneering psychoneuroimmunologist and professor, Holos University Graduate Seminary

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