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The Dangers of Meditation: How To Avoid Them Or Heal Them
by Asatar Bair

You wouldn't think meditation would be dangerous, right?

Sitting still seems like one of the safest activities imaginable. Heart Rhythm Meditation is inherently safe, but some kinds of meditation can be dangerous, occasionally causing lasting problems that are very difficult to diagnose and treat. These problems are sometimes known as "Kundalini syndrome" or "Kundalini psychosis".

This free downloadable eBook, provides a comprehensive guide to the kind of energetic problems that can be caused by upward meditation techniques.

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Breathing for a Better World
by Puran Bair

Breathing for a Better World is a concise summary of the breathing technique that is the single most powerful way of energizing your heart. In it you will learn:

  • Why breath is life, and how breathing can affect you
  • The difference between conscious and unconscious breath, and why it makes such a big impact on your life
  • How to glean insights about the patterns and habits present in your life by observing your breath pattern
  • What it means to create entrainment in your breath
  • The philosophical relationship between the Breath Stream and the creation of your individuality, and why the breath is a unique lever for self-change
  • The breath consists of two currents, and how to use these currents to produce different effects

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Live from the Heart Now: 30 Tips for Heart-centered Living
by Susanna Bair

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The Effect of Vocalized Sound on Consciousness and Energy
by Puran and Susanna Bair

Originally published in Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, 2006, Vol. 17, #3, this eBook will teach you:

  1. What sounds intensify and release energy in the body's energy centers (also called "chakras")
  2. The difference between the use of continuous tones vs pulsating tones, and the effectiveness of each
  3. The specific characteristics of sound vibrations which lead to an expansion or concentration of consciousness
  4. The sounds that work to tune your consciousness to your soul, and what sounds energize your heart
  5. The kinds of rhythms that are most effective for energizing and stimulating the heart

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Nourish Your Heart: A Whole-Food Approach to Heart-Healthy Eating
by Julie Ann Elrod

In our modern culture, we are repeatedly subjected to food advertisements on the television, radio, and the internet. It's easy to be overwhelmed by the conflicting opinions and variety of options that are presented to us each day. This book clarifies some of the most common misunderstandings about healthy eating, teaching you how to eat smart to nourish your heart.

forward by Puran and Susanna Bair 63 pages
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The Seven Energy Centers of the Heart
by Susanna and Puran Bair

This book describes an updated vision of the human energy system, centered on the heart. The heart chakra, or energy center, is the energetic sun that illuminates six sub-centers. This vision reveals the pairing of complementary energy centers and the use of vocalized sound to stimulate the centers. The practical use and powers and distortions of each center are described. 43 pages, full color

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Energize Your Heart
by Puran and Susanna Bair

Energize Your Heart teaches you how to expand and develop your heart in its four dimensions, so you can be the powerful heart-centered person you are meant to be, able to accomplish what you wish, and so that you can live from your heart. Paperback, 286 pages
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Living from the Heart
by Puran and Susanna Bair

Living from the Heart is the spiritual classic which first introduced the modern form of Heart Rhythm Meditation to the world. Full of wonderful stories that will open your heart, incredible techniques of breathing and elemental energies, profound descriptions of the experience of the One Heart, and a comprehensive heart-centered philosophy, Living from the Heart is a must for every lover of wisdom. The Second Edition. Soft Cover, 390 PP PDF file, 6.2 MB
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Follow Your Heart: The Map to Illumination
by Puran and Susanna Bair

Follow Your Heart is a masterpiece: a systematic map of how spiritual transformation occurs in life, with specific stories and examples about the steps of heart development that each one of us goes through on our journey through life. Follow Your Heart is an invaluable resource for all seekers, no matter what path you choose. Soft Cover, 294 PP mp3
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