Occupy Your Heart

Occupy Your Heart, Audio CD, by Susanna Bair

The growing pains of the world are due to a spiritual crisis.

Right now, all over the world, people are tyring to bring change, trying to make the world more free, more compassionate, tyring to bring understanding. But we cannot truly bring change if we are trapped in the same paradigm that created the problems we see around us from war, materialism, addiction, obesity, apathy, and hopelessness.

We need a spiritual revolution. The only way to bring the change is to become Love, and to become Truth. We cannot just limit ourselves to voting, carrying a sign, going out in the street, we have to bring the change in each interaction, and in each moment. We need to create what Susanna calls the culture of the heart, a civilization based on love, respect, and understanding.


This unique recording gives you a great opportinity to learn from a master of breath and heart, who will teach you four variations of Heart Rhythm Meditation. Occupy Your Heart and be the change the world needs.

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