The Heart of Christianity and the Secret of Christmas

Following the scripture of Christmas as both a narration of an actual event and an ancient instruction manual for the discovery of the heart, Puran Bair will lead you in a discovery of the light of the Heart of Christ reflected in your own heart. The process he uses is the secret of Christmas: your own heart is the manger in which the birth of Christ takes place.

"All Christians meet in the heart", says Puran, co-author of Living from the Heart. Christmas is a new beginning, happening within our hearts, to make the whole world start again and connect to the hearts of others.

Puran has been leading spiritual retreats for thirty years. Thousands of people, have found deeper connections to Christ through his work. He will lead you into the depths of your heart through meditation and contemplative prayer so that true healing occurs within yourself, and between yourself and God.

Thomas Merton said, "There are ways of learning to pray so that you are really praying in the heart, from the heart." The methods to which he was referring will be shared on this CD.

Audio Download, "The Heart of Christianity"
by Puran Bair
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