Uncover Your Heart, Transform Your Life: From Breakdown To Breakthrough

Uncover Your Heart, Transform Your Life: From Breakdown To Breakthrough, MP3 Audio Download, by Susanna and Puran Bair

In this series of 21 unique recordings, you will be taken into your heart through meditations and lectures of deep insight and inspiration. These recordings were made during Uncover Your Heart, Transform Your Life: From Breakdown To Breakthrough group retreat, New Lebanon, NY, July 27 to August 1, 2012; they are a great way to experience (or re-experience) the essence of the retreat.

The theme of these recordings is "from breakdown to breakthrough". We all go through times in life when all that we have created seems to break down. We often fail to appreciate how necessary this process can be in order to reach a breakthrough. Puran and Susanna discuss in detail the steps of glorification and surrender in their book Follow Your Heart: The Map to Illumination. The steps of surrender -- steps 2, 4, 6, and 8 -- are vital to take you deeply within yourself, allowing a greater glorification to manifest within.

  • From the "yes!" of step 1 (commitment) comes the "no!" of step 2, in which you test all that you think you know to see upon what you can truly rely.
  • From the harmony of step 3 comes the difficulty of truly uncovering and embracing your ideal in step 4 (idealization). Your ideal makes you greater than you ever imagined, yet all you see is how the world, your closest friends and family, and yourself, fail to live up to the ideal. This makes it all the greater when you create an accomplishment that is driven by your passionate commitment to your ideal, in step 5.
  • The great glory of step 5 (expertise), opens to the great existential surrender of step 6, in which all that you thought you knew, all that you have become, and all that you know as yourself, gets cast away so that a greater self can emerge in step 7.
  • Step 8 involves a progressively greater sacrifice of your mind's ideas to the power of your heart's wisdom, insight, and guidance, infused with the experience of unity within the One Heart.

We highly recommend listening to these recordings in conjunction with the Follow Your Heart: The Map to Illumination book (also available as an Audiobook), and Follow Your Heart Meditations Double CD set.

Please note that some of the practices taught during the retreat are advanced. We recommend students prepare by taking courses 101< /a> and 102.

The recordings are presented in chronological order, and some refer to earlier recordings.

You can download all 21 recordings by clicking below, or you can choose which recordings most interest you. (This recording is only available as a high-quality MP3 audio download at this time.)

The download of all the tracks includes all the music that was played during the retreat.

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Recording Descriptions

UYHTYL: Meditation on Testing by Susanna Bair
49.8 MB, 55 Minutes
This profound meditation explores the value of the testing that inevitably follows any commitment, and how to consciously work with testing using breath and spiritual practice.

Audio Download $9.99

UYHTYL: Lecture on Commitment Testing and the Steps of the Path by Puran Bair
43.6 MB, 77 Minutes
This lecture begins with Puran's wonderful, soulful whistling. Puran discusses the first two steps of the path: commitment and testing. Puran reveals how your spiritual progress affects your sense of identity, and how the waves of surrender and glorification cause a forward movement. This is a wonderful lecture on the steps of development of the mind, the heart, and the spirit, full of profound stories.

Audio Download $9.99

UYHTYL: Partner Meditation Exercises by Puran Bair
32.8 MB, 55 Minutes
This recording is a set of meditations designed to be done with a partner. The first exercise works to both build your awareness of and control over your breath, as well as your ability to concentrate by observing your partner's breath. Then Puran leads a meditation applied to developing concentration by focusing on a plant. This is a wonderful exercise in holding an image of a plant in your mind, in taking in light -- and, incredibly, actually radiating light from your eyes. Then a final exercise is taught, a meditation showing what you have really committed to, and how you know what commitments you have made. This is a very valuable exercise that often yields surprising insights.

Audio Download $9.99

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