The Seven Energy Centers of the Heart, eBook and Audio download, by Susanna and Puran Bair

Susanna & Puran Bair are the co-founders of IAM Heart, the Institute for Applied Meditation on the Heart.

In this eBook and Audio download, they explore the Seven Energy Centers, or Chakras, and revealing a completely new perspective on the chakras, which have a long history.

This is not a book on the traditional chakra centers. This is a new upgrade of the sum total of all spiritual knowledge on the energy centers.

In this new view, the seven energy centers actually embody the seven levels of reality, allowing you to re-create yourself on a fundamental energetic level.

Each chakra is a specialization of the heart chakra, so the tools of Heart Rhythm Meditation to energize the heart are uniquely powerful at energizing each of the chakras.

There is a new objective in spiritual work -- not to leave the body and experience pure consciousness, as was the goal in the past -- now the goal is to become a fully realized human being. Learning to energize and develop the chakras allows us to overcome the distortions to rebuild, heal, restore our natural faculties, then to help us carry out the purpose of our life.

You will learn in this eBook:

  • the location, color, energetic dynamics, and specific qualities of each chakra;
  • the energetic and spiritual nature of the heart chakra, and why it is the key to the development of all the chakras;
  • the connection between the chakras and how to use them for your benefit;
  • how to tell when the energy of each chakra is strong, weak, or distorted;
  • how to use sacred sound practices to energize your heart and all your chakras.

This book comes with an audio recording by Susanna Bair to help you learn how to make sacred heart-energizing sounds on your own, to help you take your meditation practice to a new level.

This is also a beautifully-designed full-color eBook; the use of color is important in aiding your understanding of the energy centers. Here are a few sample pages.



Audio Download, "The Seven Energy Centers of the Heart"
by Susanna and Puran Bair
eBook and MP3

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