Restoring Heart Nature by Fire

The Truth Seeker Hazrat Babajan

Nineteenth century saint, Hazrat Babajan, was raised in a well-to-do Afghan family, but was not willing to follow the expected customs of her time, refused to marry, and escaped to India where she lived some time as an ascetic, and then for many years wandered throughout India finally settling under a Margosa tree in Char Bavadi, Poona province, where she became known as a saint.

The Hazrat Babajan Test:

You cannot go where you are going without passing by me.

You cannot go past me without looking into my eyes.

You cannot look into my eyes without seeing who you are.

By combining the attunement to Hazrat Babajan with practices of light we transform our being through the test of fire:

Light is our own nature

Light travels in straight lines

Light reveals the hidden meanings of things, and illuminates the path - reminding us of our essence

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by Susanna Bair
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