Restoring Heart Nature by Air

Buddha Being of Insight and Understanding

Buddha, born Guatama, 600 BC, a prince, was recognized as very wise even in childhood where he was pampered and protected from the confusing world outside the palace. After experiencing the outer world he committed himself to find a way to end human suffering. His compassion for the suffering of others, he recognized that each person possesses a divine light inside (insight) through which to transcend earthly suffering. He found that human nature seeks happiness, and that the route toward happiness is in the peace of living in harmlessness, which can be studied through meditation, by recognition that for every entity there is an accompanying non-entity by which to see its edge. There is no judgement, only illumination and understanding.

Audio Download, "Restoring Heart Nature by Air"
by Susanna Bair
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Restoring Heart Nature by Earth

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Restoring Heart Nature by Fire

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