Restoring Heart Nature by Water

The Lady of Guadalupe

Mary represents the female aspect of God, Regina Coeli, the queen of heaven, the one who is familiar with all earthly pain.

In Mexico, she is called the Lady of Guadalupe because of her miraculous apparition there. Mary's importance in Christianity is as an intermediary to God; one with the qualities of Christ, who is willing to make a sacrifice, shown by her agreement to bear the Christ-child. She is even willing to be present at the crucifixion of her own child. It is she who can sympathize with any other human being who suffers, and the one who suffers can find an example in Mary of how to bear that suffering. She is approachable because of her humanity.

Audio Download, "Restoring Heart Nature by Water"
by Susanna Bair
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Tracks (Duration: 58:03)

  1. Introduction to Mother Mary
  2. Sounds of Compassion, Mercy, Light, and Beauty
  3. Mist of Light Meditation

Four Elements

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