Restoring Heart Nature by Earth

The Great Mother Ishtar

  • Ishtar is the Great Mother Goddess from 7000BC, she is the figure behind many of the goddesses who have succeeded her. In her story, Ishtar went into and through the seven gates of the underworld, removing parts of her jewelry, garments, and armor as she moved through each gate. In this meditation, you will go through the seven gates of the underworld with this deity, removing layers of superficiality and defense until you are bare with only the power, glory, light, and peace of Ishtar.

  • How to feel where responsiveness is needed in your life and how to develop the ability to respond using the sacred sound practice of Ya Mujib.

  • How to express all that you are and knowing the vital importance of your full expression, by use of the scared sound practice Ya Jalil, the divine quality of expressiveness.

  • How to become the beauty which shines through your inner most being with the scared sound Ya Jameel.
  • Audio Download, "Restoring Heart Nature by Earth"
    by Susanna Bair


  1. Introduction to Ishtar
  2. Invocation and Meditation on Ishtar
  3. The Seven Gates
  4. The Sounds of Ishtar

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